Kanye Talks 'His Boy and Sh*t' Eric Schmidt, 'Rich As F*ck' Tim Cook at Concert

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If you're unfamiliar with Kanye West's Yeezus tour–here's a quick rundown.

It's an incredible spectacle–really. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, the various reports about it being an incredible spectacle wouldn't have held water for me. But I did, so they do. Kayne plays for nearly three hours–nearly 30 songs in most cases. There's a giant mountain, a giant raised stage in the middle of the crowd, and a troupe of dancers, usually clothed in bodysuits. It's something.

You've probably heard that in the middle of said concerts, Kanye has been making a habit of launching into 20-30 minute long "rants." I don't know if I'd call them rants, but they are, more-or-less, speeches–part spoken and part spoken through an autotune. In my experience, Kayne decided to talk to the audience about being yourself, fashion, and his own genius–among other things.

Well, earlier this week in New Jersey, Kanye decided to devote at least a portion of the speech to discussing Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Fair warning–it's hard to take any part of one of these diatribes out of context. I mean, you can do it, but it probably takes away from whatever message he's trying to send. Whatever–here's what he actually said:

"And you know, the reason why I speak directly to Tim Cook, directly to Eric Schmidt, directly to Mark Parker is because I got a microphone and I can."

Later, in the autotuned section of the mid-concert speech, Kanye had this to say about Apple's Tim Cook:

"Hey, Tim Cook, the Head of Apple, stop trying to get performers to play your festivals for free. You are rich as fuck. You are rich as fuck."

It's hard to make out exactly what he says next. Some outlets think he tells Tim Cook to "quit trying to act like you're so dumb." Others feel like he suggests that Tim Cook stop acting like he's "down" with the culture. I tend to agree with the latter.

Anyway, he goes to on to clarify that Eric Schmidt is "his boy and shit."

"I don't wanna mention him in the same breath," said Kanye.

Check it out below. The relevant tech figure talk comes in at around 13 minutes.

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