Netflix Lets Epix Deal Expire As Hulu Enters Multi-Year Agreement

Netflix announced that it has decided not to renew an agreement in the US with cable network Epix, which means it is dropping a bunch of big-name movies from its offering. Hulu is picking up where Netflix left off, announcing…

PlayStation Network to Get Epix App

Sony today announced that content from video-on-demand service Epix will soon be added to the PlayStation Network. The deal between Sony and Epix will add over 3,000 new movies, concerts, and sports programming to the library of titles available to…

Amazon Adds Thousands of Titles to Prime Instant Video through EPIX Deal

Another week, another announcement from Amazon that they’ve beefed up the content offerings on their Prime Instant video service. Today the company has announced an agreement with EPIX, the premium on-demand service that’s a joint venture between Viacom (Paramount), MGM,…

mSpot: That Netflix/Epix Deal? We Get Those Movies 6 Months Earlier

You may have read that Netflix announced a new deal with Epix worth $1 billion. mSpot has taken the opportunity to point out that they get movies much sooner than Netflix’s streaming service does, most likely including many of the same titles.

Netflix Enters Deal with Epix to Stream More New Releases

Netflix has entered a new deal with Epix, through which it will let Netflix users instantly watch new releases and library titles from Epix. The movies will begin streaming on September 1, and include content from Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM.