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The Return of Clippy: Microsoft Bringing Clippy Back As An Emoji
Love him or hate him, the animated paperclip Clippy is set to return as an emoji....
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Immediacy Advertsing: Twitter Now Lets Advertisers Target By Emoji
Twitter has become the first social media platform that lets advertisers target by what emoji a user has tweeted. The idea is that emoji’s are i...
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GitHub Adds Reactions
Facebook recently took the Internet by storm by finally introducing Reactions, giving users the ability to quickly express different…well, react...
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How Will Facebook Reactions Impact Pages And Reach?
As previously reported, Facebook has finally launched Reactions globally. If you aren’t seeing them yet, you will very soon. Reactions are basic...
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Facebook Finally Makes ‘Reactions’ Like Button Extension Available Globally
Update: Facebook shares how it’s approaching Reactions when it comes to Pages and reach in the News Feed. Last fall, we learned that Facebook wa...
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Kim Kardashian Says She Broke the App Store with Her New KIMOJI App
Kim Kardashian says her new specialty emoji app, KIMOJI, broke the App Store. “Apple, I’m so sorry I broke your App Store!!!” she tw...
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Could Facebook’s Dislike Button Really Just Be Emoji Reactions?
Does a 2014 patent reveal Facebook’s true plans for its upcoming dislike button? Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerberg announced something few thou...
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Facebook Is Surprisingly LOL-Deficient
Facebook has a lot of data it can comb through, if it so pleases. The latest dive into what people are doing looks into how people laugh on the social...
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Russia Is Thinking About Blocking Facebook Over Gay Emoji
A little while back Apple and many other platforms adopted a new Unicode standard for emojis that included, among other thing, emojis featuring same s...
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Emoji Movie Is in the Works, and We All Deserve This
Look at your recent texts, WhatsApp messages, Snapchats, Tinder chats, and tweets. If you have used emoji – let’s say more than a dozen in the...
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Gmail Adds New Emoji, Themes to Try to Make Email Less Boring
Email will never die. It’s just too important to both professional and private communication. But email isn’t that fun. Ok, email is absol...
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Taco, Burrito, and 35 Other Emoji Are on the Way
Today’s the day, folks. The Unicode Consortium – overlords of how you pictorially express yourself on Instagram – have unleashed Unicode 8.0, th...
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New Emojis: Here’s Next Year’s Batch of 38
In June of 2016, the Unicode Consortium – overlords of how you pictorially express yourself on Instagram – will unveil Unicode 9.0, the new standa...
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You Can Now Tweet the Pizza Emoji to Order Pizza
When making your own pizza became too hard, restaurants began making pizza for you. Then, when going to a restaurant to eat pizza became too much of a...
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Middle Finger Emoji, Everyone’s Most-Desired Emoji, Comes to One Platform
If there’s an emoji that the world needs more than “Reversed hand with middle finger extended”, I sure don’t know what it is. ...
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Instagram Confirms What We All Know About the Eggplant Emoji
On Monday, Instagram updated its apps to let users put emoji in hashtags. Emoji is so common on the social network, it only makes sense that Instagram...
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Instagram Lets You Use Emoji in Hashtags, Adds Filters
Instagram says it plans to start putting out new filters more often. Today, it’s starting with three. Download the latest update to access the n...
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Apple Adds New Diverse Emoji with iOS Update
iOS 8.3 is here, and while it comes with a handful of updates, the most exciting is new emoji. Duh. When the beta of the new OS X hit developers hands...
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Facebook Confirms It’s Removing ‘Feeling Fat’ Emoji Following Petition
UPDATE: Facebook has confirmed it’s removing the option. “We’ve heard from our community that listing ‘feeling fat’ as an op...
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Facebook’s ‘Feeling Fat’ Status Draws Ire, Petition
Last year, Facebook added the ability to supplement your normal status updates with emojis linked to certain feelings and activities. There are now hu...
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