RH CEO: ‘Anybody Who Thinks We’re Not In a Recession Is Crazy’

Anyone hoping the current economic downturn is just a blip will surely be disappointed by RH CEO Gary Friedman’s warning.

Inflation Then and Now: How Gold Has Stayed On Top

As many have observed, inflation is dramatically on the rise. Learn about the history of gold as a hedge against inflation below.

JPMorgan CEO: ‘That Hurricane Is Right Out There’

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is warning of an economic hurricane, although how bad it will be is anyone’s guess.

Inflation: What It Is and How to Protect Your Finances

Inflation is rising as we continue trekking through this pandemic. In 2021, the US Consumer Price Index rose nearly 7%. With the Federal Reserve aiming to keep it at 2% or less each year, why have rates skyrocketed this year?…

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey: ‘Hyperinflation Will Change Everything’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is adding his voice to the chorus of ones concerned about inflation, saying hyperinflation will change everything.

The Autonomous Vehicle Economy

It’s no wonder that auto insurance is one of the American’s largest yearly sums. Car insurance costs per person measure nearly $2,500 a year, and have been steadily rising over time. In fact, research suggests that premiums are rising 6.4%…

Elected Officials Are Not Worried About The Little People, Says Landry’s CEO

Billionaire restaurant entrepreneur and Landry’s CEO Tilman Fertitta has had it with governors and mayors and their inconsistent “yo-yo” shutdown orders on his restaurants and the economy.

How Understanding The Psychology Behind Isolation Fatigue Could Save The Economy

Can understanding consumer behaviors give us clues as to how to safely reopen the economy?

Barry Diller: I See the Landscape As Cataclysmic

Expedia and IAC Chairman Barry Diller said that the economic and business landscape caused by the coronavirus and the political actions to fight it have been cataclysmic. Diller does not see a return to normal anytime soon. He believes that people will first have get over being scared and that won’t be easy.

Impeachment—What It Means For the Stock Market

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday announced a formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump. To no one’s surprise, the stock market took a nosedive in the aftermath of the announcement, leading business owners and shareholders alike to wonder how this…

Saving Energy To Save The Economy?

Getting energy usage under control is something we all need to work on. Climate change is one motivating factor, but there are also other economic factors for using less energy. High energy bills cause an economic drag for everyone –…

SAP CEO: We Out-Innovated Everybody

“Where did we leave them in the dust? We basically out innovated everybody in terms of how you run your business better. Now the idea is how you create an unbelievable human experience so you inspire your people to take care of your customer and create a loyalty effect.”

Ecommerce is a Lot More Than Just Amazon, Says UPS CEO

Ecommerce is a lot more than just Amazon, says UPS CEO David Abney at the Davos 2019 conference. Abney says that their focus is really on helping small and midsize businesses compete with the bigger players by enabling them to offer two-day shipping.

Starbucks Delivery via Uber Eats Goes National After Seeing Higher Average Sales

Based on a successful delivery trial in China via Alibaba and Uber Eats in Miami, Starbucks has announced that they are adding delivery nationwide.

Don’t fear the frictionless economy – for it makes the consumer king

The disappearance of train tickets will be just another step in the remorseless march of convenience. The tide of technology has claimed another victim. No more will the traditional cry of “Tickets, please!” echo through Britain’s railway carriages. Or if…

Xi Jinping Meets with US; Talk Economy & Security

When Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the President of the People’s Republic of China, came into office a little over one year ago, he faced several monumental challenges as the…

Climate Change Presents Risk to US Business

In a nonpartisan study released by the Risky Business Project, leading economic and environmental figures have assessed the monetary threat that climate change proposes to business in the United States. The findings are not optimistic. The study, led by former…

Gas Prices Are Rising: Some Tips To Make Gas Last

Anyone else planning a stay-cation this summer? With waiting lines like this and gas prices the way they are, you’re likely not alone. Despite predictions this past spring that your car’s diet would be fund friendly this summer, it seems…

Mortgage Rates Down: Why Americans Don’t Care

The big news in financial circles lately has been that mortgage rates are down. The big concern in financial circles lately has been that, even though mortgage rates are down, home sales are not rising. Analysts seem to be losing…

Switzerland $25 Minimum Wage Voted Against

Switzerland voted Sunday to reject a measure called the Decent Salary Initiative, that would establish a minimum wage of $4,515 per month in that country, with 76.3% of voters opposed to the idea. The proposed monthly minimum wage equates to…