Avaya and Microsoft Partner to Bring OneCloud CPaaS to Microsoft Azure

Avaya and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership to bring Avaya’s Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) to Azure.

Microsoft Reports Stellar Quarter, Fueled By Cloud Earnings

Microsoft has reported its results for the quarter ending September 30, and it was good news for the company and its cloud business.

Salesforce Beware: Microsoft, Adobe and C3.ai Reinvent CRM

Microsoft, Adobe and C3.ai have joined forces to use artificial intelligence (AI) to reinvent customer relationship management (CRM).

Microsoft’s Approach to Data a Major Advantage Over Salesforce

Microsoft’s approach to customer data could help the company make major headway against Salesforce.

Microsoft Scores Five-Year Coca-Cola Contract

Microsoft has announced a five-year contract with Coca-Cola to modernize and standardize the beverage company’s software.