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Hopefully, It’s The Beginning Of The Golden Era Of Content
Hopefully, it's not the end of the golden era of content, says Howard Owens, Propagate Content founder and co-CEO. Hopefully, it’s the beginning. Th...
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The Over-the-Top Marketing Juggernauts Have Arrived
Bundling is a smart idea and free services feel like a better value. I think what we are going to get for the first time in over-the-top is the market...
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Does Netflix Have Enough Stuff To Keep Us Coming Back?
“Do they have enough stuff that's good enough to keep us coming back?” asks Michael Pachter of Wedbush. “I actually think all these metrics they...
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Disney Takes a Playbook Out of Digitally Native Companies
“All of a sudden people are realizing that Disney is going to take the advantages that they have, content that nobody else has, moats that give them...
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Disruption Caused By Technology Certainly Is a Big Issue, Says Disney CEO
"When I think about what is going on in our businesses and our world today disruption caused by technology certainly is a big issue," said Disney CEO ...
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Disney CEO: What Netflix Has Done Has Actually Been Good For Us
“We wouldn't have been ready to launch it (Disney+) two or three years ago,” says Disney CEO Bob Iger. “You could argue that what Netflix has do...
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The Marketplace Has Never Been This Dynamic, Says Disney CEO
In fact, in today's world that's changing so much, the marketplace has never been this dynamic, meaning speed of change is much faster. That's technol...
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Disney Can’t Begin to Catch Netflix, But They Don’t Need To, Says Media Innovator Tom Rogers
Media innovator Tom Rogers says that Disney can’t begin to catch Netflix in terms of streaming subscribers, but they don’t need to. “No one can ...
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John Malone says Disney Needs What Apple and Amazon Have… Massive Direct Consumer Relationships
Liberty Media Chairman and legendary entrepreneur and investor John Malone says that although Disney has a great brand, what they don’t have is a ma...
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Vanessa Hudgens Visits Her Daddy’s Gravesite With Mama G
Almost a month after her father passed away from stage IV cancer, former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens and her mother, Gina visited his grave on Monday....
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US Immigration: Disney Allegedly Fires American Workers For Indian Replacements
US immigration policies have been placed under intense scrutiny all throughout the election campaign period, with mostly Republican candidates critici...
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Johnny Depp Says He Was Nearly Fired From Disney Film Due To Character’s Sexuality
Johnny Depp recently revealed that he was nearly fired from the first Pirates Of The Caribbean film because the studio execs were unsure about where h...
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Kristen Bell Sings ‘Do You Wanna Build A Snowman’ At Disney’s ‘Frozen FANdemonium’
Frozen proved to be one of the most successful and most loved animated films in recent history. What made the film more remarkable are the songs that ...
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Lupita Nyong’o Gets First Trip To Disneyland, Is Adorable
Lupita Nyong’o was present for the Disney event D23 over the weekend, where a ton of new projects were announced. Afterward, she got to take a t...
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Kristen Bell Makes Touching Gesture To ‘Frozen’ Fan Suffering With Brain Tumor
Thanks to Frozen voice actress Kristen Bell, what started as another day of radiation therapy ended with probably one of the best moments of little Av...
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Ant-Man Star Michael Douglas Has Never Done a Special Effects Film Before
Michael Douglas has never done a film like Ant-Man. In a career that has seen such memorable roles, it seems odd that the veteran actor never had the ...
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Goldie Hawn: Michael Eisner Says Beautiful Women Can’t Be Funny, Hawn Is the Exception
Goldie Hawn and Michael Eisner shared the stage Thursday at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Thursday, and the former Disney CEO said the actress is the &#...
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Disney Is Banning Selfie Sticks
If you’re planning a trip to any Disney World, you should leave your selfie sticks at home. Disney has announced that, effective Tuesday, selfie...
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‘Age Of Ultron’ Big Disappointment For Black Widow Fans
There’s no question that Avengers: Age of Ultron would smash records in the box office. There’s also no question that the latest Avengers movie wo...
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Avengers: Age Of Ultron Has Second Biggest Box Office Opening Ever
 It’s a unique case of second-best still being great. Avengers: Age of Ultron smashed the box-office this weekend with a whopping $187.7 million op...
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