Disney CEO: What Netflix Has Done Has Actually Been Good For Us

“We wouldn’t have been ready to launch it (Disney+) two or three years ago,” says Disney CEO Bob Iger. “You could argue that what Netflix has done has actually been good for us because they’ve seeded the marketplace to robust over-the-top content distribution and presentation.”

The Marketplace Has Never Been This Dynamic, Says Disney CEO

In fact, in today’s world that’s changing so much, the marketplace has never been this dynamic, meaning speed of change is much faster. That’s technology, that’s consumer behavior driven by technology, it’s economics, it’s how things are marketed, anywhere you look.

Disney Can’t Begin to Catch Netflix, But They Don’t Need To, Says Media Innovator Tom Rogers

Media innovator Tom Rogers says that Disney can’t begin to catch Netflix in terms of streaming subscribers, but they don’t need to. “No one can catch Netflix,” says Rogers. “I don’t think Disney can begin to catch Netflix, but they don’t need to catch Netflix here to create an asset value that really helps to deal with the issue of the core business decline.”

John Malone says Disney Needs What Apple and Amazon Have… Massive Direct Consumer Relationships

Liberty Media Chairman and legendary entrepreneur and investor John Malone says that although Disney has a great brand, what they don’t have is a massive number of direct consumer relationships.

Vanessa Hudgens Visits Her Daddy’s Gravesite With Mama G

Almost a month after her father passed away from stage IV cancer, former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens and her mother, Gina visited his grave on Monday. “Visiting pops with mama g,” Hudgens wrote on her Instagram alongside a photo of…

US Immigration: Disney Allegedly Fires American Workers For Indian Replacements

US immigration policies have been placed under intense scrutiny all throughout the election campaign period, with mostly Republican candidates criticizing the influx of foreigners entering the country and the lack of regulations that prevent “bad” immigrants from inflicting harm to…

Johnny Depp Says He Was Nearly Fired From Disney Film Due To Character’s Sexuality

Johnny Depp recently revealed that he was nearly fired from the first Pirates Of The Caribbean film because the studio execs were unsure about where he was taking the character of Jack Sparrow. Depp says word got back to him…

Kristen Bell Sings ‘Do You Wanna Build A Snowman’ At Disney’s ‘Frozen FANdemonium’

Frozen proved to be one of the most successful and most loved animated films in recent history. What made the film more remarkable are the songs that came with it. This year, D23 Expo, a Disney themed convention featured Kristen…

Lupita Nyong’o Gets First Trip To Disneyland, Is Adorable

Lupita Nyong’o was present for the Disney event D23 over the weekend, where a ton of new projects were announced. Afterward, she got to take a trip to Disneyland–finally–and dedicated her first photo to her mama. Nyong’o was on hand…

Kristen Bell Makes Touching Gesture To ‘Frozen’ Fan Suffering With Brain Tumor

Thanks to Frozen voice actress Kristen Bell, what started as another day of radiation therapy ended with probably one of the best moments of little Avery Huffman’s life. Huffman is a 6-year-old girl diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma),…