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Tag: Disney research

Disney Research Makes 3D Models From 2D Photographs
Photographs are a lovely way to remember that trip to the beach. It would be even lovelier if we could make a physical model to remember that trip by....
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Disney’s New Tech Will One Day Let You Feel Holograms
Holograms have remained firmly in the realm of sci-fi for years. It was only recently that scientists have been able to crudely replicate what we̵...
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Disney Lays The Foundation For An Army Of Robot Clowns
What’s the scariest thing in the world today? Did a clown immediately pop into your head? Congratulations, you have a completely rational fear. ...
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Disney Uses 3D Printers In Unexpectedly Awesome Ways
There are numerous proponents of 3D printing, but the really innovative movements are coming from small start ups. A lot of large companies use 3D pri...
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