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Tag: dementia

Dementia Led to Robin Williams’ Suicide, Says His Widow, But What Is Lewy Body Dementia?
Dementia may have been a contributing factor in beloved actor Robin Williams’ decision to take his own life last year. According to WilliamsR...
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Alzheimer’s Disease Discovery Leads To Nobel Prize
Alzheimer’s disease studies have had a major breathrough with new information from Monday’s Nobel Prize winners in medicine. Their discove...
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Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To Dementia
It is common knowledge that vitamin D is beneficial and necessary, but a new study shows what kind of problems a vitamin D deficiency can cause. Accor...
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Long-Term Care Needs Improvement For Dementia Patients, Shows Study
The baby boomer generation is now aging, a situation that is bringing with it a new set of challenges for the U.S. This demographic shift is being mos...
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Depression A Risk Factor For Dementia: New Study
A new study published in the scientific journal Neurology on July 30 showed that depression is a risk factor for dementia. The results indicate that t...
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Fish Oil Supplements Protect Against Alzheimer’s
A new study suggests that fish oil might be one of the most effective preventative measures against developing Alzheimer’s disease, for those wh...
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New Alzheimer’s Test Promising For Early Detection
Researchers have found that a simple eye exam could be critical in detecting Alzheimer’s Disease years, if not decades, before memory loss begin...
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Jim McMahon And Other Former Players Sue NFL
Jim McMahon, former Bears quarterback, is in the fight of his life right now as one of several former players named in a federal lawsuit filed last mo...
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Jim McMahon Confesses To Suicidal Thoughts, Dementia
In 1985 Jim McMahon was the quarterback for one of the most popular Super Bowl championship teams in NFL history. The rebel-type QB with the spiked ha...
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Dementia Treatment Research Looks At Oxytocin: Study
A team of researchers from Ontario, Canada, have discovered that injecting a single dose of the neuropeptide oxytocin, which is normally produced in t...
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Alzheimer’s May Be Predicted by Brain Plaques
According to a new study conducted by Duke Medicine, brain scans using radioactive dye may help to predict an impending development of Alzheimer’...
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Kimberly Williams-Paisley on Her Mother’s Dementia
Kimberly Williams-Paisley recently talked about her painful journey with her mother, who has a rare form of dementia. The Nashville star admitted she ...
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Coweta Woman Found Injured, But Alive
A Georgia woman has been found alive after an exhaustive search over the weekend turned up no leads. 78-year old Eleanor Alexander was found in a wood...
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Alzheimer’s Treatment Could Restore Brain Cell Memory
A new study has shown that a drug intended to treat diabetes could restore memory in brain cells affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The study, pub...
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Dementia Alleviated in Mice Using Antibody Blocker
A new study has shown that mice bred for Alzheimer’s testing that were given an antibody that blocked the immune molecule p40 showed “subs...
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Dementia Risk Reduced by Physical Activity, Says Study
A new study shows that older people who regularly engage in physical activity reduce their risk of dementia. The study, published this week in the jou...
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Alzheimer’s Could Be Linked to Brain Inflammation
Alzheimer’s disease, a form of dementia that affects memory, thinking, and behavior, has been linked to inflammation of the brain at an early ag...
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Computer Models Help Predict Dementia Patterns
Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College have developed a computer program that has tracked the manner in which different forms of dementia spread...
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