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Tag: cordcutting

Court Ruling Spells the End of Locast
Lowcast has informed subscribers it will be ending its service following an unfavorable court ruling....
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Comcast’s New Cordcutting Service Has a Lot of Catches
Everyone’s looking to give people more cordcutting options these days – even the guys providing the cord. Comcast has just announced a new str...
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Showtime’s Standalone Streaming Service Is Now Available
Showtime’s standalone streaming service has finally gone live. For $10.99 per month, you can watch Showtime content online without a cable subsc...
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HBO Is Ready to Take Everyone’s Money Now
Someone on HBO’s social media team should get a raise. Back in 2012, an online campaign called “Take My Money HBO” went viral. The entire purpos...
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HBO Comes to Sling TV, Giving Cordcutters Another Option
It doesn’t appear that Apple has totally cornered the cable-free HBO market after all. Dish’s Sling TV has announced that HBO is coming to...
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Xbox One Gets Sling TV, Extended Free Trial
Subscription-based live TV service Sling TV has just hit its first gaming console – and it’s the Xbox One. You can now grab the Sling TV app i...
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Apple’s Streaming TV Service Could Launch This Fall
Apple wants to sell Apple TVs, but one hurdle the company has to jump is convincing people they need an Apple TV. What’s the real benefit of str...
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Apple Wants to Give Cordcutters Live TV Too: Report
Apple, who has had a fair amount of success selling hardware that lets users stream TV shows and movies, is now considering stepping into the role of ...
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HBO’s New Standalone Streaming Service Reportedly Coming in April
HBO’s standalone streaming service – you know, the one that people demanded for years and that the company finally announced in October – is...
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CBS, Like HBO, Is Also Cutting the Cord with New Streaming Service
Not to be outdone by HBO and their theoretical cable-free content platform, CBS has announced a new subscription service that lets users watch the net...
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HBO Without a Cable Subscription Is Actually Going to Happen
Within the next year, HBO is going to do something that people have wanted the venerable network to do for a long, long time. HBO is finally going to ...
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Netflix Users Aren’t Abandoning Traditional Television
A new study suggests that Netflix users aren’t turning to Netflix as a replacement for cable, but rather a supplement. In other words, people ju...
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HBO GO without the Cable Subscription? HBO CEO Says Maybe, Possibly, Down the Road. Maybe.
There is a lot of awesome content coming from HBO. The venerable premium cable network has produced some of the best shows to ever grace the small scr...
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Cordcutting on the Rise? Cable Subscriptions Projected to Shrink Over the Next Few Years
As television and film streaming options continue to expand, people are finding it easier to get the content they want without paying for cable or pre...
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