The Advantages of Using Outlook for Collaboration and Teamwork

In today’s tech savvy world, communication is key. Learn more about the advantages of using Outlook for collaboration and teamwork below.

How To Improve Cross Functional Team Collaboration

Most businesses need to improve their cross functional team collaboration. Learn some helpful tips how to do so below.

Microsoft Announces Loop, a Fluid-Powered Collaboration Tool

Microsoft’s vision for the future of remote and hybrid work is taking shape with its announcement of Loop, a new collaboration tool based on Fluid.

Microsoft All-In On Open Source: ‘The Accepted Model For Cross-Company Collaboration’

Microsoft has fully embraced open source software, calling it the “industry-accepted model for cross-company collaboration.”

Dropbox Spaces Update Geared At Remote Workers

Dropbox has unveiled an update to Spaces, one aimed at helping remote workers collaborate and remain productive.

Microsoft and NFL Expand Partnership, Focus on Surface and Teams

Microsoft and the NFL have announced an expansion of their partnership aimed at helping the league improve its efficiency, collaboration and communication.

New ‘Spaces’ Feature Could Come to Outlook

Outlook may be getting a major upgrade with a new ‘Outlook Spaces’ feature, providing a new project-based organization system.

Workona Launches Desktop For The Cloud; Raises $6 Million in Seed Funding

Workona has announced “the launch of their cloud desktop, a work management platform that allows users to access and manage resources across more than 75 popular cloud apps from a single unified system.” The company recently completed “a $6 million…

Dropbox Adds Team Feature To Basic, Pro Accounts

Dropbox announced a few months ago that it had over 400 million users and that it was in use at over 8 million businesses, though only 100,000 of those were actually Dropbox for Business customers. Now, the company says over…

Google Docs Makes Sharing Files Easier

Google announced a new sharing experience for Google Docs aimed at making it easier to share your files with other people. You can still click the big “Share” button at the top of an open file lis usual, and you…

Google Drive Gets Activity Stream So You Can Keep Track Of Changes To Files And Folders

Google announced on Tuesday that it’s rolling out a new activity stream feature for Google Drive, enabling users to see all changes made to and actions taken on files and folders. This should be ideal for collaborations, making it easier…

TogetherJS Is Mozilla’s Real-Time Collaboration Tool That Works Anywhere On The Web

Real-time collaboration is an important part of the modern Web. In fact, you could argue that it’s the most important aspect of any modern Web app – just look at how much emphasis Google Docs puts on working together. Unfortunately,…

Mozilla’s TowTruck Brings Collaboration To The Web At Large

One of the best parts about Google Drive is its real time collaboration. Real time collaboration is only available in Google Drive documents or apps built with the Realtime API though. Now Mozilla is working on bringing that level of…

SlideShare Zipcasts for Real Time Collaboration

A long time ago Tim Oren scribbled this on a napkin to help explain a little of what he learned about collaboration.