Mozilla's TowTruck Brings Collaboration To The Web At Large

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One of the best parts about Google Drive is its real time collaboration. Real time collaboration is only available in Google Drive documents or apps built with the Realtime API though. Now Mozilla is working on bringing that level of collaboration to the entire Web.

Mozilla Labs, the group that brought us Open Badges, Popcorn and more, has unveiled its latest project - TowTruck. In essence, TowTruck is an open source HTML5-based tool that lets multiple people work on the same Web page together. The tool uses WebRTC to enable video/audio communications between parties while they edit and browse the Web together.

Here's an early proof of concept video that shows what Tow Truck looked like two months ago. The version that's available now has WebRTC:

Tow Truck - Proof of Concept in Progress from Simon on Vimeo.

TowTruck is obviously built with developers in mind. Many Web designers no longer work in the same office, let alone the same state or country. A tool like TowTruck would be incredibly useful for these designers as they can now show others examples of their work, including the code, in real time. The others can then help refine that code in real time.

If you want to try out for TowTruck for yourself, you can do so here. Mozilla also provides the JavaScript necessary to integrate TowTruck into your own site at the above link. That being said, Mozilla warns that TowTruck is currently in alpha and doesn't recommend that you use it in production at this time.

[h/t: The Next Web]

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