Microsoft Testing a Web Browser Version of xCloud

Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service may be coming to iPhones and iPads soon, with employees reportedly testing a web-based version.

Google Backs Out of Game-Making, Shuts Down Stadia Game Studios

Google is backing away from making games for its Stadia gaming platform, shutting down the involved studios.

Fortnite Coming Back to iPhones and iPads…Sort Of

Apple and Epic may be fighting it out in court, but it appears a path has been cleared for Fortnite to return to iOS devices.

Google Hires God of War Lead to Head Up New Stadia Studio

Google has hired Shannon Studstill, former head of God of War’s Santa Monica Studio, to head up a new Stadia game studio in Playa Vista.

OnLive Debuts a Different Kind of Cloud Gaming

When OnLive launched in 2010 the company was one of the first to deliver on the promise of cloud gaming. Instead of PC gamers with rigs costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, gamers could instead stream the best versions of…

PlayStation Cloud Domains Registered by Sony’s Gaikai

It’s the eve of Sony‘s big PlayStation 4 announcement, and rumors are beginning to give way to leaks. The news broke today that multiple internet domains for the phrase “PlayStation Cloud” have been registered. The domains and, as…

Sony Officially Acquires Cloud Gaming Service Gaikai

One of the larger rumors to pop up before this years E3, was that Sony was going to purchase the online game streaming service Gaikai. The service, which is like Onlive but bigger, would give Sony a cloud gaming service…

Sony Using Gaikai To Stream PS2 and PS1 Games

Yesterday we reported that Sony was going to acquire high profile cloud gaming service Gaikai. What wasn’t exactly sure is what they would use this service for exactly. Would it be to stream PC games to the PS3, or to…

Sony To Possibly Acquire Gaikai [Rumor]

Rumorville is in full force in the days leading up to E3. One of the bigger rumors coming around is that Sony was going to acquire a high profile cloud gaming service like OnCloud or Gaikai. Well earlier today Gaikai…

Gaikai CEO: Why Cloud Gaming Works on Facebook

It looks like FarmVille and FrontierVille have some competition on their hands after Gaikai announced a beta app for its Facebook gaming service. The cloud gaming service recently launched its app in an effort to bring console quality games to Facebook. The app will deliver a high-end gaming experience to users directly within the social network.

Gaikai Predicts Death Of Game Consoles

What would happen if one of the big three console manufacturers dropped out of the console race? That is what was hinted at CES this week when Nanea Reeves, CPO of Gaikai, predicted that one of the current console makers…