Sony To Possibly Acquire Gaikai [Rumor]

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Rumorville is in full force in the days leading up to E3. One of the bigger rumors coming around is that Sony was going to acquire a high profile cloud gaming service like OnCloud or Gaikai. Well earlier today Gaikai has sent out invitations to journalists for what it is heralding as a game-changing announcement. “Gaikai has some major announcements in store for E3 that have the potential to change the future of video games, game consoles and how we play."

The question then becomes why would Sony acquire Gaikai? Is it to try to push the Playstation 3 past the Xbox 360 with an awesome new app that all you have to do is to download the app and play? Or is it a feature that Sony will push for the "Orbis" as their new same day game availability. Or maybe it is just for the cloud infrastructure so that going forward they are not playing catchup like they normally do.

Microsoft already has Azure as a cloud based service, but Sony was the first console to incorporate the cloud with cloud based saving with a PS Plus subscription. And as we all know it is cheaper and easier to buy than it is to build from scratch.

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