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Tag: chrome os

Google Kills the Pixelbook, Disbands the Team
Google's Pixelbook appears to be the latest victim of Google's cost-saving measures, with the next release canceled and the team disbanded....
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Windows 10X Is Officially Dead
Following rumors that Microsoft may not release Windows 10X, the company has officially put the nail in the coffin....
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Google Buys Neverware, Chromebook Conversion Company
Google has purchased Neverware and CloudReady, its platform that converts PCs and Macs into Chromebooks....
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Newton Lives On As New Owners Take Over From Essential
Popular email app Newton Mail has received another lease on life, thanks to new owners who are taking over for Andy Rubin’s failed startup Essential...
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Google Announces Single App Chrome Device Management For Kiosks, Digital Signage
Google announced a new Chrome Device Management console specifically for digital signs and kiosks. It’s called the Single App Chrome Device Mana...
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Google Blogs About How Chrome OS Is ‘Here to Stay’
Google wants to make sure you know it’s serious when it says Chrome OS isn’t going away. The company put out a blog post on Monday titled ...
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Chrome OS Isn’t Going Away, Says Google
Rumors of Chrome OS and Android merging into one operating system have seemingly been happening nearly as long as the two operating systems have exist...
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Google Announces New Chromebook for Work, Work-Related Features
Google announced a new addition to the Chromebook family with the Dell Chromebook 13, which is specifically geared toward business use. It also announ...
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Run Linux In A Window On Your Chromebook
Google “Happiness Evangelist” François Beaufort announced on Google+ that a Google intern added support to run Crouton (Chromium OS Unive...
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Chrome OS Adds Google Drive Chromecast Support
The beauty of Google’s $35 Chromecast streaming device is that the company as well as third parties can keep adding support for additional produ...
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Google Adds New Work Features To Chromebooks
In a push to get more businesses using Chromebooks, Google announced the launch of some new work-related features. These deal with identity, manageabi...
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Google’s Chrome OS Gets Adobe Photoshop Support
Google and Adobe have partnered to bring Creative Cloud to Chromebooks, starting with Photoshop. A streaming version will be available in the U.S. In ...
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You Can Now Run Android Apps On Chromebooks
Google has been hinting at merging Chrome OS and Android into one operating system in one way or another for years. It’s also suggested that it ...
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Chrome OS To Add Android File Transfer
Earlier this week, Google announced an update for the Chrome OS beta channel, which is just starting to get some notice in the the tech Blogosphere (t...
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Google And Citrix Partner On Receiver For Chrome
Citrix and Google have been partners for the past three years, but announced a new partnership in the form of a receiver for Chrome and advanced featu...
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Google Puts Chromebooks In More Countries
Google announced on Monday that Chromebooks will be making their way to nine more countries. For some reason the company made the announcement in a po...
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2.1 Million Chromebooks Shipped Last Year
The PC market is still in decline and shipments of traditional desktop and notebook PCs took a nosedive during 2013. PC manufacturers are introducing ...
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More Chrome OS All-in-Ones Coming This Year
The PC market is contracting after the surge of mobile devices in recent years has made desktop and even notebook computers look expensive and old-fas...
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Samsung Has Two New Chromebooks On The Way
In early December, Acer announced a new Chromebook with touch display. Certainly interesting, but can it compete with faux-leather? Samsung announced ...
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Chrome OS For Enterprise Devices Get Four Years Of Support
Did your company make the switch to Chrome OS devices in the last few years? You may have made the switch thinking that Google wouldn’t pull the...
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