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Tag: Bob Parsons

Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman Steps Down
Warren Adelman, who took over as CEO of Go Daddy, after Bob Parsons stepped down last year, has stepped down from his position to assume a new role as...
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GoDaddy Experiences Massive SOPA Backlash
So, what’s worse? Bad PR due to the perhaps unnecessary killing of a wild elephant or a mass exodus due to supporting one of the most combative ...
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Dan Wheldon Remembered By IndyCar Sponsor Bob Parsons
On Sunday, the sports world was hit with the tragic loss of IndyCar champion Dan Wheldon. The two-time Indianapolis 500 winner died after a massive 15...
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GoDadddy Hits 50 Million Domain Milestone
Remember all of that controversy this year around GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant? There was a lot of talk about sites jumping ship and mo...
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GoDaddy Wants to “Do the Right Thing” with Former White House Advisor
Go Daddy announced today that it has added former White House Advisor Andrew Kline as its new Deputy General Counsel for Global Policy. In fact, Go Da...
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GoDaddy Looks Unscathed By Bob Parsons Elephant Killing
If you want to boost sales for your business, kill an elephant. No, seriously – take a video of yourself shooting an elephant in the dark as wel...
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GoDaddy CEO Links to More Footage From Controversial Elephant Killing
Every time we think GoDaddy has tried to put to rest the controversy over CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant, Parsons brings it back up. This time he...
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Indianapolis 500 Broadcast to Unveil New GoDaddy Ad
Domain hosting company is set to once again to sponsor Sunday’s broadcast of the Indianapolis 500. This year marks the 100th anniver...
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GoDaddy Sets Philanthropy Record
GoDaddy announced today that it has already donated more money to charities in 2011 than it did all of last year, which was $3.4 million. This year, t...
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GoDaddy CEO Calls Critic a Bully in Twitter Name Calling Session
GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons is still on the defensive about his controversial elephant killing, which made some big publicity waves for the company a coup...
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GoDaddy Brings Up the Elephant Ordeal in Press Release About Haiti Donations
As reported a few weeks ago, GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons tweeted that the company was donating $500,000 to the charity Hope for Haiti, the second such don...
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GoDaddy CEO Breaks Twitter Silence Following Elephant Killing Controversy
GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons has been pretty quiet for a couple weeks following the controversy that blew up around a video he posted online in which he ki...
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GoDaddy Follows Up Elephant-Killing Ordeal with Donations to Haiti Charity
As the GoDaddy elephant killing controversy receives less attention, CEO Bob Parsons has returned to tweeting. We reported yesterday that he had broke...
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GoDaddy Elephant Killing Video Mysteriously, But Heavily Edited
Since the controversy blew up around a video of GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant, the video has been edited heavily. Should the video have ...
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GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons Could Have Been A Zoologist
As you may have heard by now, GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons has been taking some heat for his little vacation to Africa where he killed an elephant, video t...
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GoDaddy Elephant Killing Sparks “NoDaddy” Promotion From Venovix
GoDaddy’s PR misstep, otherwise known as CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant, has led to its competitors stepping up to scoop up the angry custo...
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GoDaddy Elephant Killing Leads to Competitor Raising $20K to Save Elephants
GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons recently took a vacation in Africa, where he hunted an elephant, posted video of the killing and slaughter of the elephant, an...
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GoDaddy CEO Defends Elephant Killing
Previously, we reported on the backlash GoDaddy has been facing, following the posting of a video by CEO Bob Parsons of Parsons killing an elephant. P...
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