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Tag: Blackberry 10

BlackBerry Officially Unveils its Indonesian Smartphone
After a horrific 2013, BlackBerry now has a new CEO, some extra cash, and a new direction. BlackBerry CEO John Chen announced shortly after his appoin...
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BlackBerry Announces the Z30 Smartphone, BlackBerry 10.2 OS
Back in January of this year, RIM rebranded itself as BlackBerry and announced the first two phones for its BlackBerry 10 platform, the Z10 and the Q1...
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BlackBerry Will Release A New BlackBerry 7 Phone This Year
By most accounts, BlackBerry 10 seems to be a pretty solid mobile operating system. It’s a definite step up from BlackBerry 7, but that doesn...
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BlackBerry: Q1 Loss, Falling Subscriber Numbers
BlackBerry 10 was supposed to be the Canadian company’s big entrance into the touch smartphone market. The BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 sma...
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BlackBerry PlayBook Will Not Get BlackBerry 10
Are you one of the few million people around the world to buy the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet? Were you hoping that BlackBerry would bring its latest o...
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BlackBerry Thinks Tablets Are A Dead End Business Model
BlackBerry is still in the throes of reinventing itself, but it seems to have found some mild success with its new BlackBerry phones. The same couldn&...
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BlackBerry Wants You To Make A Weapon For Robert Rodriguez’ New Film
As part of BlackBerry’s Keep Moving Project, the company has partnered with filmmaker Robert Rodriguez to make a short film called Two Scoops. T...
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Facebook And Twitter Get Updated On BlackBerry 10
After posting decent Q4 results, BlackBerry seemingly celebrated by releasing updates for its Facebook and Twitter apps on BlackBerry 10. If you fancy...
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BlackBerry Makes $2.7 Billion In Q4, Sells 1 Million BlackBerry Z10s
BlackBerry 10 launched in late January as an attempt to keep BlackBerry relevant in a world dominated by Android and iOS. Did it succeed? It’s s...
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Kindle Is Now Available On BlackBerry 10
Amazon Kindle was one of the first high-profile apps to launch on Windows 8 late last year. Now the app has made its way to BlackBerry World a day bef...
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BlackBerry 10 Now Has Over 100,000 Apps
When BlackBerry 10 was first unveiled, BlackBerry said that the devices would launch with over 70,000 apps. It’s been almost two months since th...
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The BlackBerry Band Gets Back Together For One Final Performance
Last year, the company formerly known as RIM put together a “band” of sorts to tell developers that it was going to keep on loving them. I...
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Robert Rodriguez Teams Up With BlackBerry On New Short Film
Robert Rodriguez is an interesting filmmaker. He’s directing “Desperado” one year and then doing “Spy Kids” the next. Hi...
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BlackBerry Z10 Hits AT&T March 22, Costs $199
After rumors pointing to a March 22 release date, AT&T has finally come forward to confirm the U.S. launch of the BlackBerry Z10. AT&T annou...
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BlackBerry Z10 To Launch On AT&T March 22 [Report]
The BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry’s latest push to become relavent, has proven to be a minor hit in some markets. It’s true test, however, wi...
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You Won’t Be Seeing Netflix On BlackBerry 10 Any Time Soon
Netflix is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but not BlackBerry 10. That’s not going to change anytime soon. All Things D reports tha...
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BlackBerry 10 Gets Better Battery Life With New Update
BlackBerry 10 smartphones will start launching in the U.S. in March, but folks in other countries have been playing around with the device for about a...
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Can The BlackBerry Z10 Help You Cheat At Scrabble?
Reviews of the latest BlackBerry phone – the BlackBerry Z10 – have been generally positive, but are not asking the tough questions. Can th...
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Home Depot Drops BlackBerry In Favor Of Apple’s iPhone
When it was unveiled, BlackBerry 10 was seen as the shining light for RIM BlackBerry as it heads back to the path of profitability. The platform’...
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BlackBerry Z10 Sales Break Company Records
BlackBerry, the company formerly known as RIM, today announced that the BlackBerry Z10, the company’s first BlackBerry 10 device, is already bre...
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