You Won't Be Seeing Netflix On BlackBerry 10 Any Time Soon

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Netflix is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but not BlackBerry 10. That's not going to change anytime soon.

All Things D reports that Netflix is not building an app for BlackBerry 10. The service wouldn't say why it's forgoing the platform for now, but a spokesperson did say that there are "no current plans" for an app. So, there's some hope for Netflix on BlackBerry 10 in the future, but it's a no go at the present.

It can't look good for BlackBerry after it announced that its latest smartphones would have all the latest apps that its competitors have. Netflix is a name brand app that would have strengthened the BlackBerry 10 brand. It wouldn't have a "major" loss, however, as most users still don't watch Netflix on smartphones or tablets. The bigger concern for BlackBerry should be the news that Instagram is not developing a native app for the platform.

Like Netflix and Instagram, most developers are probably taking a wait-and-see approach for now. BlackBerry 10 will be launching in the U.S. this month and it should give developers more realistic expectations as to the success of the product. Of course, people might not go with BlackBerry 10 over its lack of software support from app developers. If that happens, BlackBerry will be stuck in a cruel cycle of decreased software support leading to decreased hardware sales.

Still, there are plenty of developers taking a chance on BlackBerry 10 with some big names in the mobile scene gambling on its success. If their bet pay outs, you can be rest assured that those sitting on the fence will come running.

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