BlackBerry Wants You To Make A Weapon For Robert Rodriguez' New Film


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As part of BlackBerry's Keep Moving Project, the company has partnered with filmmaker Robert Rodriguez to make a short film called Two Scoops. The film follows two monster hunters that take on the persona of ice cream vendors during the day.

In the first episode, Rodriguez had called on amateur actors to submit audition tapes for the role of the hunters' boss. The actor would be added in post production, and now Rodriguez is looking for submissions for a weapon that the monster hunters will use in the second act of the film.

Unlike the first act, those interested in creating a weapon for the film will only have to tweet their weapon idea to Rodriguez with the #keepmoving hashtag. The winning idea will be designed by Rodriguez' team of prop designers, and inserted into the final film.

If you're interested in the creative process behind the film, check out this short featuring Rodriguez talking about his approach to filmmaking.