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Bing Maps Announces SDK For Metro Style Apps
The Bing Team announced today that they’re releasing beta version of a new tool for developers that will allow them to improve the quality of ap...
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Bing Maps Getting Deep Into Route Planning
Bing has implemented a whole new routing engine on Bing Maps with a new route calculation algorithm. The new algorithm changes how driving directions ...
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Bing Adds Mall Maps to Mobile Search
Bing has added mall maps and map search to Bing for Mobile. Microsoft’s search engine currently has over 400 shopping malls available in map for...
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Bing Rolls Out New Maps Interface
After months of testing, Bing has now made available its new interface for Bing Maps. Changes include adjustments to the task and navigation controls....
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Bing Maps Streetside View Comes with Some New Views
Bing has launched some changes to its Bing Maps street imagery with Streetside View. “With these updates you can quickly and seamlessly pan the ...
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Nokia to Replace Bing Maps Infrastructure?
As you may know, Microsoft and Nokia signed a deal last month, aimed at creating a “third horse” in the smartphone race (alongside Apple&#...
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Bing Adds Shopping Mall Maps to Local Results
Bing is now including Bing shopping mall directory maps in Bing Maps.  ...
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Microsoft Names Principal Architect Of Bing Mobile
A man who fostered a great reputation in the geospatial community by founding OpenStreetMap, "a free editable map of the whole world," ha...
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Bing for Mobile for BlackBerry Gets Update
Microsoft announced an update for its Bing for Mobile BlackBerry app. The app can now access Bing Maps by pressing the Bing Maps icon from a user...
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Lots Happening with Bing Maps Today
"Bing Maps just got more useful for developers, bus and train commuters and education advocates everywhere," a representative for Bing te...
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Bing Maps Integration Comes to Hotmail
Microsoft has launched some new Bing Maps integration with Hotmail. When Hotmail users create a new email message, they can insert Bing Maps data. ...
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Bing Maps Gets Interface Enhancements
Microsoft has launched an update to the Bing Maps interface today aimed at improving readability and aesthetics. The new interface ...
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Bing Maps Gets OpenStreetMap App
Microsoft has launched a new Bing Maps app for ...
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Bing Takes Users to Mars
Microsoft has added Mars imagery to Bing Maps and to its WorldWide Telescope project. The imagery ...
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Bing Launches Tour De France Bing Maps App
Microsoft's Bing has been doing some really interesting things with Bing Maps, and more specifically Bing Maps Apps. This week, the company launche...
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Bing Launches Facebook Maps App
Bing has launched a new Facebook Maps apps, which a Bing representative tells WebProNews uses Facebook APIs to pull in your friend’s informat...
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Bing Maps Gets New Features, SDK for Apps
Microsoft announced some new additions to Bing maps today. These additions, the company says, will benefit both developers and end-users. ...
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Google and Bing Launch Health Map Applications
Today both Google and Bing released some health-related map applications. These releases coincide with the Institute of Medicine and the U.S. Depar...
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Bing Maps Adds Three Useful Apps
Bing Maps, which was already impressive in quite a few ways, has gotten better again with the addition of three new apps.  A distance calculat...
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