The Confluence of These 3 Things is Bringing Us To a Data-Centric World

“What Fungible is set to do is to revolutionize the economics, the reliability, and the performance, of data centers at all scales and in all geographies,” says Fungible CEO Pradeep Sindhu. “The reason that it is time to do this is because of some of the really important trends that have been happening over the last 15 to 20 years.”

How McDonald’s Is Using Data, Machine Learning, and AI to Accelerate Growth

“Our acquisition of Dynamic Yield has brought us a lot of excitement,” says McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook. “In the online world when we’re shopping and we pick an item and put it into our shopping basket, any website will automatically suggest two or three things to go along with it. We’re the first business that we’re aware of that can bring that into the physical world.”

HPE CEO: Reason For Acquiring Cray – The Data Around Us is Exploding

HPE announces intent to acquire Cray. “The main reason why we decided to pursue this acquisition is that the data around us is exploding,” Says HPE CEO Antonio Neri. “That data has value and the need to process that data faster continues to grow.”

Technology and Innovation Powering Levi Strauss Growth Strategy, Says CEO

Levi Strauss began trading on the New York Stock Exchange this morning under the ticker symbol ‘LEVI.’ By mid-afternoon, the stock was at $22.66, substantially higher than the price offered to institutional investors. It’s clear that investors believe that Levi’s can leverage technology and innovation to successfully compete online and in brick and mortar stores.

Starbucks Dramatically Increased Used of AI-Powered Customer Insights to Drive Growth, Says CEO

Starbucks has dramatically increased the use of AI-powered customer insights to drive growth, says Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson. During the most recent holiday season, Starbucks made data-driven decisions on a variety of items from the type of holiday cups they were offering to how they promoted gift cards, all designed to increase sales.

The State of Artificial Intelligence at Facebook

When you think of Facebook, you think of data, but not so much technology. Get ready for an in-depth preview of how Facebook is and is further planning to use artificial intelligence and other key technologies that they see as…

Data is Marketing Gold

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” said marketing pioneer John Wanamaker in the early 1900’s. That is why CRM software was invented and why it is used by every…

Some Brands Are Absolutely Dominated By Social Spam

It’s not news that spam plagues social media, but Networked Insights (via Marketing Land) recently put out some research looking into how it affects brands, and the conclusion is that data is pretty “dirty”. According to the report, 9% of…

Marketers Not Confident In Their Big Data Efforts

Infogroup has a new study out, which reports that 47% of marketers are seeing a return on their big data investments. The study is based on a survey of nearly 600 marketers, and found that while over half of them…

Adam Sandler/Netflix Deal Shows Reliance on Big Data

Netflix is just getting started with this whole original movies thing. Sure, the once-DVD delivery company and future king of streaming has produced successful TV series like House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black. It’s also produced award-winning…