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India May Ban All Types of Cryptocurrency
India has proposed legislation that would ban cryptocurrencies, in the most restrictive such legislation worldwide....
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Xiaomi Sues US Government In Effort to Overturn Ban
Xiaomi is suing the US Treasury Department and the Department of Defense in an effort to overturn a Trump administration ban....
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TikTok Improves Privacy Protections For Children
TikTok has announced a number of changes aimed at improving privacy protections for children on its platform....
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Angola Bans The Islamic Religion
The African country, Angola, has declared the Islamic religion illegal, becoming the first country to do so. Until further notice, the predominantly C...
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Starbucks Asks Patrons to Leave Guns at Home
Starbucks, whose website is presently down, has entered the American gun debate by asking customers to leave their firearms at home. As more a gesture...
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UK ISP Comes Out Against The Pirate Bay Blockade
It’s been a little over a month since the The Pirate Bay was blocked in the UK due to a court order. The block was meant to cut down on the amou...
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Reddit Responds to Domain Ban Backlash
Yesterday it was reported that some publications began criticizing Reddit, the democratized social sharing forum, for banning certain domains from bei...
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Reddit Bans “High-Quality” Domains That Game its Website
Reddit is one of the most popular content, link, and news sharing sites on the internet. Members of the site “upvote” or “downvote&#...
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Egyptian Government Institutes Pornography Ban
To quote Associate Supreme Court Justice, Potter Stewart, “[I can’t define pornography], but i know it when I see it.” The question ...
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Amazon Moves Towards E-Book Non-Exclusivity
James Atlas will be selling a series of short (25,000-40,000 words long) biographies for Amazon called “Amazon Lives.” He will buy and edi...
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U.S. Calls for Ban on Mobile Devices While Driving
The U.S. Department of Transportation has encouraged automakers to design devices that would block the use of mobile devices while a vehicle is moving...
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