Amazon Reports First Unprofitable Year in Almost a Decade

Amazon delivered its quarterly report and it was bad news as the company turned in its first unprofitable year in almost a decade.

AWS and SAP Expand Partnership to Accelerate Digital Transformation

AWS and SAP have announced a new partnership aimed at helping customers accelerate their digital transformation.

AWS Wins $723 Billion Contract to Provide Cloud Services to US Navy

AWS has scored a big win, securing a cloud contract with the US Navy worth some $723,878,930 over five years.

AWS CEO Pitches Cloud Cost Savings but Customers Not Convinced

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky is trying to convince customers that cloud computing can save them money, but many are unconvinced.

Pentagon Awards Cloud Contracts to Multiple Vendors for JEDI Successor (Updated)

The Pentagon has awarded contracts to multiple cloud vendors as it seeks to replace the defunct JEDI contract.

AWS Unveils ‘AWS Digital Sovereignty Pledge’

AWS is unveiling its latest initiative designed to help it remain the cloud leader: the AWS Digital Sovereignty Pledge.

General Dynamics, T-Mobile, AWS, Others Form 5G and Edge Coalition

General Dynamics, T-Mobile, AWS, Cisco, Dell Technologies, and Splunk have formed a coalition to accelerate 5G and edge adoption.

Formula 1 Signs Up for a Second Round With AWS

Formula 1 (F1) has renewed and expanded its partnership with AWS for machine learning, AI, and cloud technologies.

Salesforce and AWS Deepen Partnership With Salesforce Genie

Salesforce and AWS are deepening their partnership with the release of Salesforce Genie.

Amazon Raising Front-Line Worker Pay to an Average of $19 per Hour

Amazon is raising starting pay for front-line workers, paying them an average of $19 per hour at a cost of nearly $1 billion.

Cloudflare Launches $1.25 Billion Fund to Help Startups and Challenge AWS

Cloudflare is going to great lengths to capture more of the startup market, launching a $1.25 billion fund.

Britain Ramping Up Anti-Competition Scrutiny; Targeting Cloud Market Next

Britain is planning to ramp up its anti-competition scrutiny, looking at the world’s top cloud providers.

Oracle Brings MySQL HeatWave to AWS

Oracle has brought its MySQL HeatWave to AWS in an effort to help customers keep costs down and benefit from Oracle’s services.

AWS Bastion Aims to Help Advertisers Work Within Data Privacy Rules

AWS is preparing to unveil a new tool that aims to help advertisers work within the various data privacy rules that are currently hindering them.

AWS Private 5G Launches With 4G Service

AWS has launched its Private 5G service, although it currently only supports the older 4G LTE.

AWS Unveils New Hands-On Training Programs

AWS has unveiled new hands-on training programs to make it even easier for individuals to learn about cloud computing.

AWS Exec Takes Microsoft to Task for Cloud Licensing Terms

AWS’ SVP of Sales and Marketing is calling out Microsoft for its cloud licensing terms, despite the latter company’s recent changes.

Microsoft’s Netflix Formula: Promise Big and Don’t Compete

Microsoft surprised the industry Netflix chose the Redmond company for its advertising ambitions, but Microsoft had a winning formula.

DevOps Organizations Are Increasingly Turning to Alternate Cloud Providers

A new report on the DevOps industry should be a concern for the top three cloud providers, showing that organizations are increasingly looking for alternate providers.

AWS Is Becoming a Better Open-Source Player

AWS is beginning to earn a reputation for being a better open-source player as the company looks to address its customers’ needs.