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Tag: AWS

DevOps Organizations Are Increasingly Turning to Alternate Cloud Providers
A new report on the DevOps industry should be a concern for the top three cloud providers, showing that organizations are increasingly looking for alt...
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Amazon Announces Expanded Partnership With Anthropic In a Blow to Google
Amazon has announced an expanded partnership with Anthropic, the maker of the Claude AI, and will invest up to $4 billion....
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Fig Joins AWS
Fig is joining AWS, with the cloud giant hiring the team behind the terminal-based development tool and acquiring its tech....
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Occidental Signs Multiyear Agreement to Make AWS Its Preferred Cloud Provider
AWS has scored Occidental as a cloud customer, signing a multiyear agreement to be the energy and carbon management company's preferred cloud provider...
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AWS Honeycode Is On Life Support and Unlikely to Survive
AWS Honeycode may be the latest victim of Amazon's aggressive cost-cutting measures, with the platform apparently on life support....
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Google Cloud Nabs Former AWS Data Center Lead
Google Cloud has recruited Chris Vonderhaar, an AWS veteran who oversaw the company's data centers....
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UK Regulator Recommends Investigation of Cloud Computing Market
UK regulator Ofcom has released a report detailing its concerns about the cloud computing market, referring the matter for further investigation....
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Microsoft Azure’s Revenue Still Lags Significantly Behind AWS
Unredacted documents are giving the world the first glimpse into Azure's revenue, revealing it still makes far less than rival AWS....
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AWS Invests $100 Million In Its Generative AI Innovation Center
AWS has announced its Generative AI Innovation Center, investing $100 million in the program to help jump start AI development....
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AWS Verified Access Improves Logging Capabilities
AWS has announced improved logging functionality in its AWS Verified Access in an effort to help improve troubleshooting....
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AWS May Start Using AMD Chips
AMD may be on the verge of scoring a major win, with AWS looking at the company's new AI chips for its data centers....
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AWS President of India and South Asia Has Left the Company
AWS has lost its President of India and South Asia, with Puneet Chandok reportedly resigning from the role....
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AWS Plans to Invest $12.7 Billion in India By 2030
AWS plans to invest $12.7 billion in India, a major escalation and apparent reversal by the biggest cloud provider....
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AWS Receives $1 Billion Tax Break to Fund Oregon Expansion
Amazon Web Services has received tax breaks to the tune of $1 billion to build five new data centers in Oregon....
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Amazon’s Prime Video Pivots Away From AWS Microservices Architecture
Amazon Prime has made a major change, moving from microservices to a monolith application and cutting costs by 90%....
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AWS Is Cracking Down With New Controls Managers’ Hiring Authority
AWS is continuing its cost-cutting measures, cracking down on managers' authority to hire people....
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Cloud Honeymoon May Be Over As Growth At AWS and Microsoft Slows
The cloud industry is seeing some of its first warning signs that the honeymoon may be over, with the top platforms on the verge of a major slowdown....
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Stability AI Is on Amazon Bedrock
Stability AI announced a strategic business alliance with Amazon's Bedrock AI platform, making Stability AI available on it....
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Amazon and AWS Are Getting In on the Generative AI Game
As tech giants rush to develop and deploy generative AI, Amazon wants the world to know it, too, is working to deploy its own AI....
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Microsoft’s Charlie Bell Joins Twilio Board of Directors
Twilio announced that Microsoft's Charlie Bell has joined the company's board of directors....
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