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Tag: Autism

Christmas Cards Make One Autistic Child’s Christmas Dreams Come True
Thousands of Christmas cards were sent to an autistic child whose Christmas wish was to receive cards from people from across the country help Sean St...
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Jerry Seinfeld: ‘OK, OK. I Don’t Have Autism’
Jerry Seinfeld caught some flak over his comments that he thought he was on the autism spectrum “on a very drawn-out scale.” Now he’s walking th...
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Jerry Seinfeld is “Not Helping” the Autism Fight
“How bad could autism be? Jerry Seinfeld has it.” Last week comedian Jerry Seinfeld sat down with NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams to talk abo...
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Jerry Seinfeld: Is He Slightly Autistic?
On November 6, comedian Jerry Seinfeld was interviewed by Brian Williams for the NBC Nightly News. The observational comic was there to promote his co...
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Jerry Seinfeld and Autism: Why the Comedian Believes He Falls in the Spectrum
On Thursday evening, comedian Jerry Seinfeld sat down with NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams to talk about his current stand-up career and the seco...
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Jerry Seinfeld Believes He Is On The Autism Spectrum
On Thursday, November 6, during an interview with the NBC Nightly News, actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld made a shocking revelation. Seinfeld, who is...
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Florida Man Charged with Beating Autistic Kid at Party After Video Winds Up on Facebook
An 18-year-old Okeechobee Florida resident has been arrested and charged with child abuse “without bodily harm” after police identified hi...
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Mother Unaware Son Died Until Smell Set In
The mother of a severely disabled 8-year-old Harrisburg, Pennsylvania boy didn’t realize he died on the third floor of their home until she bega...
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Jenny McCarthy Clarifies Her Stance on Vaccinations
After publicly stating her opposition to vaccinating children, Jenny McCarthy is changing her tune a bit. “Everyone should ask questions, but I&...
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Nick Lachey Talks About Younger Brother’s Autism
April is Autism Awareness Month and Nick Lachey has recently revealed a personal reason for supporting autism awareness. The TV personality and former...
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Jenny McCarthy Says She’s Pro-Vaccination
Model and The View host Jenny McCarthy has claimed that she was misunderstood on her stance on vaccines, firing back with a column on the Chicago Sun-...
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Jenny McCarthy Speaks Out on Vaccination Views
Even though The View panelist Jenny McCarthy has long argued that vaccinations are linked to autism, which has earned her the “anti-vaxxer”...
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Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness
April marks “National Autism Awareness Month.” It is a time for educating the public about autism and issues surrounding it. According to the Cent...
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Autism Linked to Abnormal Neurons Formed in the Womb
Though it has been confirmed that autism is not caused by vaccines, health researchers are still unclear on exactly what does cause the condition. Res...
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Jenny McCarthy Responds To Twitter Bashing Over Views On Vaccination
Jenny McCarthy has definitely rubbed a substantial number of Twitter users the wrong way over the past few days. A number of users have even taken t...
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Kristen Cavallari Will Not Vaccinate Sons
Most people believe that vaccinations are a good thing and ensure that their children are vaccinated within a timely manner. Vaccinations were designe...
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Jenny McCarthy Twitter Slammed Over Anti-Vaccine Beliefs
Jenny McCarthy was slammed hard on Twitter because of her strong crusade against childhood vaccines. The cohost of The View has an 11-year-old son nam...
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John Travolta Reveals Grief Over Son’s Death
In a recent interview with Barry Norman of BBC, John Travolta revealed the devastating grief he felt over the death of his son, Jett, who died in 2009...
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Jenny McCarthy Slams Rumors About Son
Jenny McCarthy is slamming rumors regarding her 11-year-old son Evan who was diagnosed with Autism in 2005. In a recent article on Radar Online, which...
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Jenny McCarthy Sets Record Straight About Son’s Autism
Jenny McCarthy spoke out recently against rumors that she said her son Evan doesn’t suffer from autism after all, saying she is taking “ev...
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