One Is Good, Two Is Better: Amazon May Debut Second Prime Day

Amazon is reportedly planning for a second Prime Day, potentially slated for the fourth quarter of 2022.

Amazon Prime Day, Meet Walmart+ Weekend

Walmart is taking on one of Amazon’s biggest strengths with its own take on Prime Day: Walmart+ Weekend.

Looks Like Amazon Gets The Last Laugh With Prime Day

Chances are you heard little but negative reactions and jokes when it comes to Amazon’s Prime Day sale, but the company announced on Thursday that it broke global records with sales exceeding Black Friday. Apparently more than a few people…

Amazon Prime Day Kinda Sucks, Right?

Having fun with Amazon’s “bigger than Black Friday” Prime Day? You’re probably the only one. I guess you’re the guy who got that 4K TV for 66% off before the deal ran out. According to people – a lot of…