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Tag: algorithm changes

Google Will Announce The Long-Anticipated Penguin Update
Well, here we are halfway through April, and still no sign of that long-anticipated Penguin update. Google has been hinting at rolling this thing out ...
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No Telling When Google Penguin Will Return
What once seemed so close now seems so far. In other words, for some SEOs and webmasters who have been patiently (or impatiently in some cases) waitin...
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Facebook News Feed Gets More Ranking Adjustments
Facebook is messing with the News Feed again. This is an ongoing thing that will never change, but Pages will always face the possibility of increased...
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Google Core Update Winners And Losers Analyzed
About a week ago, Google launched a big update to its core algorithm, catching the attention of many webmasters and SEOs. It was also revealed that Pa...
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An Important Change To Google’s Panda
The Google Panda Update has been around for five years and has dominated more headlines than probably any other Google algorithm change over that time...
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Google Penguin Update Still On For This Year
The SEO and webmaster communities have been waiting for Google to launch a new Penguin refresh for a long time. Google has been promising a new versio...
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Don’t Do This If You’ve Been Hit By Google’s Panda Update
Google’s Panda update has been around since February 2011 and continues to wreak havoc on websites when it finds content issues. Sometimes it...
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Google Tweaks Algorithm To Better Handle Hacked Spam
Google announced that it has begun rolling out a series of algorithmic changes aimed at better handling hacked spam in search results. The company say...
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Google Reportedly Adds Another App Indexing-Related Ranking Signal
Back in February, Google announced two major mobile ranking signals back in February. The one that got the most attention and the nickname “Mobi...
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Google Penguin Update Expected Before End Of Year
As of mid-July, Google was sending the message that a new launch of its Penguin update was still months away. Now, over two months later, it’s g...
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Is Google’s Latest Panda Refresh Too Slow?
Last Friday, Google confirmed that it had finally begun rolling out a refresh to its infamous Panda algorithm the prior weekend. It’s still roll...
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Google Says Penguin Refresh Is Still Months Away
Early last month, Google provided webmasters and SEOs with an update on what was going on with Panda and Penguin. The former was said to be coming in ...
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Facebook News Feed Ranking Now Takes These Video Actions Into Account
Facebook announced a new change to how it shows content in News Feed on Monday. It will now start taking into account the actions users take on videos...
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Google Algorithm Update (‘Colossus’ or ‘News-Wave’) Google Trends-Related?
On June 17, Google’s algorithm seemed to get a mysterious jolt with a mysterious update that Google deemed a routine, non-major change. Google s...
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Google Algorithm Gets Mysterious Jolt
Google changes its algorithm constantly, so an update is hardly newsworthy unless it causes major changes. Something pretty big apparently happened wi...
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Google Update Bumped Down Half Of Pages It Threatened To
Google released an algorithm update on April 21 that began taking the mobile-friendliness of a site into account when ranking that site in search resu...
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Google Updates Webmasters On Panda and Penguin
At the SMX Advanced conference on Tuesday, Google’s Gary Illyes made some comments about what webmasters will be able to expect from Google with...
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Poll: Only 11% Noticed Traffic Changes From Google Update
Another survey has been conducted regarding Google’s recent mobile-friendly update, which prior to release, had often been billed as “Mobi...
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Mobile-Friendly Update Bing Announced In November Still Hasn’t Rolled Out
In November, Bing principal program manager Mir Rosenberg wrote in a blog post, “We started probing web pages for ‘mobile friendlinessR...
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Was Google’s Update Really Mobilegeddon?
It turns out Google’s mobile-friendly update didn’t quite have the doomsday impact that some thought it might. I can’t say I’m...
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