Google In Hot Water After Firing High-Profile AI Researcher

Google is facing major backlash after firing Dr. Timnit Gebru, one of the world’s leading AI ethics researchers.

Loon Internet Balloons Being Piloted By Google AI

Fully autonomous cars may not be here yet, but artificial intelligence (AI) is already piloting Loon’s fleet of internet-providing balloons.

IBM Set to Layoff 10,000 Employees

IBM is preparing for a massive round of layoffs in Europe, impacting some 10,000 employees.

IBM Acquiring Instana As It Focuses On Hybrid Cloud and AI

IBM has announced it is acquiring applications performance monitoring (APM) company Instana to aid in its hybrid cloud and AI strategy.

Facebook Moderators Want Remote Work, Hazard Pay

Facebook moderators are protesting the company’s decision to require them to come back to the office amid the pandemic.

Marissa Mayer’s New Company Launches AI-Driven Contact App

Marissa Mayer’s new company, Sunshine, has launched Sunshine Contacts, an app that organizes iOS contacts.

Work Productivity Firm ActivTrak Raises $50 Million

ActivTrak has raised $50 million to help companies “understand and optimize how digital work gets done.”

Google Ends Unlimited Free Google Photos Storage

Google has announced it will no longer offer free unlimited Google Photos storage, reversing a policy that has existed since 2015.

IBM and AMD Partnering On Cloud Confidential Computing and AI

IBM and AMD have announced a joint development agreement to advance cloud confidential computing and artificial intelligence (AI).

Hyundai Select’s NVIDIA DRIVE For Infotainment and AI

Hyundai has announced it will be using NVIDIA DRIVE for infotainment and artificial intelligence across its entire vehicle lineup.