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Tag: AI

Zoom Addresses AI Training Controversy but Clears Up Very Little
Zoom has addressed its AI training controversy, with Chief Product Officer Smita Hashim writing a blog post to shed light on the company's policies....
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Intel Is Going All-In on AI; Will Include It Across Entire Product Line
AI is taking the tech world by storm, and Intel is determined not to be left behind, with plans to include AI across all its products....
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Shopify Is Replacing Laid-Off Employees With AI
A laid-off Shopify employee was willing to break their NDA to shed light on the company's actions, revealing it is replacing workers with AI....
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Google Founder Sergey Brin Is Back At Google Several Days a Week
Google co-founder Sergey Brin is ramping up his time at Google, with reports he is working in the office several days a week....
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Meta Isn’t Betting on Generative AI, Exec Calls It ‘Quite Stupid’
Meta is taking a very different approach to generative AI than most of its rivals, opting to give away the tech and downplaying its ability....
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IBM’s Watsonx Is Now Available for Enterprise Customers
IBM has begun deploying IBM watsonx, its next-generation AI aimed at enterprise customers....
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DigitalOcean Buys Paperspace For Its GPU-Powered AI Solutions
DigitalOcean announced it has acquired Paperspace for $111 million in cash, with a goal to integrating Paperspace's AI solutions....
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US-China Tech War Heats Up As US Moves to Restrict Cloud Access
The US is ramping up its efforts to restrict China's access to advanced technology, with plans to limit its access to US cloud services....
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EU and Japan Want to Work Together On AI and Semiconductors
The EU and Japan are looking to strengthen ties and work together to develop artificial intelligence and advanced semiconductors....
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Get Ready For Google to Scrape All Of Your Online Content For AI
Google has updated its privacy policy, making it clear that it views all online content as fair game for training its AI models....
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Google CEO: ‘All AIs Have Hallucination Issues,’ and No One Knows Why
Google CEO Sundar Pichai has weighed in on AI development, saying all models have hallucination issues and no one has solved the problem....
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Cloudflare and Databricks Partner to Reduce Cloud Data Sharing Cost
Cloudflare and Databricks are partnering to reduce the cost and complexity involved in sharing data across cloud platforms....
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How to Improve IoT Security in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Pillars of IoT security in the AI world are automated data protection, zero-day threats prevention, and keeping tabs on all hackable software in real-...
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AWS Invests $100 Million In Its Generative AI Innovation Center
AWS has announced its Generative AI Innovation Center, investing $100 million in the program to help jump start AI development....
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Meta May Have Already Lost the AI Wars
Meta may have already lost the AI wars to faster, more nimble companies that jumped to an early lead over the social media giant....
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Salesforce Unveils AI Cloud for Generative AI in the Enterprise
Salesforce unveiled AI Cloud Monday, positioning it as a way for enterprise customers to deploy "trusted" generative AI workflows....
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Google Tells Employees Not to Use Bard-Generated Code
Google continues to cast doubt on its own creation, telling its employees not to rely on Bard-generated code....
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Report: Generative AI Could Boost Global Economy By $4.4 Trillion Per Year
Further solidifying AI as tech's latest golden child, a new report says generative AI could boost the global economy by as much as $4.4 trillion per y...
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EU Pushes For Companies to Label AI-Generated Content
The European Union is pushing for Google, Meta, and other companies to label AI-generated content in an effort to combat misinformation....
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OpenAI CEO Signs Open Letter Warning of AI-Caused ‘Extinction’
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has signed an open letter warning of the dangers AI poses, including the extinction of humanity....
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