Google Turns to Larry Page & Sergey Brin to Help With AI Strategy

Google has turned to its founders to help it devise an AI strategy as the company faces its biggest challenge yet to its search dominance.

How AI is Influencing Digital Marketing

No doubt that AI will revolutionize the way we work. See how AI is influencing digital marketing in the article below. CEO: AI Will Lead to ‘The End of Programming’

Matt Welsh, CEO of, has made the bold prediction that AI will lead to “the end of programming.”

Workforce Optimization Tech is Driven by AI

Workforce optimization technology is driven these days by AI. Learn more about how this can impact your business below.

Atlas VPN: Half of IT Pros See AI as an Existential Threat to Humanity

AI may be the “next big thing,” but IT professionals see it as an existential threat to humanity.

White House Introduces AI Bill of Rights Blueprint

The White House has introduced a blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights in an effort to address some of the biggest issues with the tech.

AI Chip Revenue Set for a 30% CAGR, Will Hit $130 Billion by 2030

AI chip revenue is set for stellar growth in the coming years, hitting $130 billion by 2030.

Meta’s No Language Left Behind AI Model Can Translate 200 Languages

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s latest AI model, a project called No Language Left Behind (NLLB), and it can translate 200 languages in real-time.

Oracle Turns to AI to Automate Digital Marketing With Fusion Marketing

In an industry first, Oracle is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help automate digital marketing.

Top Ways That AI Improves Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence can use predictive analytics to detect, deter, and destroy cyber threats. Read on for more below.

Ecommerce, Search, Social… and Conversational Space?

When I look at the conversational space I think it’s going to have as much impact as ecommerce or search or social, says LivePerson CEO Rob Locascio. The conversational space is going to be just as big.

China Creates AI to Identify and Prosecute Crimes

China is claiming a world first with an AI designed to identify and prosecute a variety of crimes.

Intelus, Founded by Former Microsoft & Salesforce Execs, Tackles No-Code AI

Intelus has emerged from stealth, hosting an open beta for companies interested in its no-code, Machine Teaching platform.

AI Helps Restore Trust Between Employers and WFH Workers

In the last 24 months we’ve seen enormous changes to our lives. Our work, our healthcare, and just about everything that we do and all the ways in which we interact changed. Now that we’re closing out 2021, we’re seeing…

The Future of Google and SEO is AI

“If you’re relying just on backlinks, then you aren’t recognizing that the future of Google and of SEO is AI, it’s artificial intelligence,” noted Spencer in another informative interview by James Schramko of SuperFastBusiness.

Amazon Reveals Astro, Its Home Robot

Amazon has revealed a new robot, dubbed Astro, designed to help out around the home.

Salesforce Adds AI-Driven Improvements to Service Cloud

Salesforce has announced AI-driven improvements to Service Cloud, aimed at helping service agents and their customers.

Robots Now Taking Service Jobs

Robots and automation are moving into an unexpected sector, taking service jobs many once thought were safe.

US Judge Shoots Down Patents For AI ‘Inventors’

A US judge has dealt a blow to those wanting to register patents on behalf of artificial intelligence (AI).

IBM Unveils Fraud-Detecting AI Processor

IBM has unveiled the Telum Processor, an AI-powered processor that will be central to the company’s next-gen IBM Z and LinuxONE systems.