AI Still Not Paying Off For Most Companies and Why It Does For Some

A new reports suggests that, despite its promise for the future, artificial intelligence (AI) is still not paying off for most companies.

IBM, ServiceNow In New AI Partnership

The solution raises up deep AI‑driven insights from their data and then recommends actions for IT organizations to take that help them prevent and fix IT issues at scale.

IBM Will Split Itself Into Two Companies, Focus on the Cloud

IBM is taking a major step to focus on the cloud, announcing plans to split its legacy business into a separate company.

VMWare & Nvidia Partner To Democratize AI

Patrick Gelsinger, CEO of VMWare, announced just before this year’s huge virtual VMworld 2020 conference a partnership with Nvidia that will bring on the democratization of AI.

AI Reshaping Wealth Management With Aiera

Ken Sena, co-founder, and CEO at Aiera discusses how Aiera is revolutionizing the use of artificial intelligence by investment analysts.

Microsoft Gains Exclusive License to OpenAI’s GPT-3 Model

Microsoft has scored a big win in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), gaining an exclusive license for OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model.

Facebook Turns to AI For Automatic Captioning

Facebook has rolled out automatic captioning in IGTV, Facebook Live and Workplace Live, powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Companies Using AI to Identify Expense Report Fraud, Says AppZen CEO

AppZen has released a report, The State of AI in Business Spend, which shows that enterprise companies are only auditing 10 percent of employee expenses in expense reports submitted, which makes it very unlikely they will catch mistakes or even outright fraud.

Trump Will Not Extend TikTok Ban Deadline

As the TikTok negotiations run into trouble, President Trump has indicated he has no intention of extending a ban deadline of September 15.

IBM Using AI to Simulate Crowds at the US Open

IBM is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate crowds in the first-ever, spectator-less US Open.