Working in the Metaverse Is a Miserable Experience

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg may be enamored with the metaverse, but people who have to work in it have a decidedly different view.

Microsoft, Linux Foundation and Others Launch The Green Software Foundation

Microsoft, the Linux Foundation, Accenture, GitHub and ThoughtWorks have launched The Green Software Foundation to promote sustainable software development.

Accenture: Cybercriminals Becoming More Brazen

The biggest takeaway from our research is that organizations should expect cybercriminals to become more brazen as the potential opportunities and pay-outs from these campaigns climb to the stratosphere.

Accenture CEO: Once In An Era Replatforming Of Global Business

Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture, discusses how the company is investing in helping businesses “replatform” in the cloud.

Accenture NA CEO on Creative Ways to Fill Jobs for the Digital Transformation

The CEO of Accenture North America, Julie Sweet, says that they are still seeing a very continued big focus by companies on digital transformation. The problem is that there are not enough workers with the right skills.

Survey Finds 1/3 of Companies Not Satisfied with Digital Employees

Accenture has a new report out called Organizing for Digital Success, which is based on the survey of over 200 digital executives in the U.S. at companies with revenue of $1 billion to over $75 billion. These include CMO CDO,…

Study: 68% of B2B Buyers Made Online Purchases Last year

A new study from Accenture Interactive finds that 68% of B2B buyers purchases goods or services online in 2014. According to the firm, resistance to change from long-term buyers is the top challenge standing in the way of online growth…

Do Paywalls Scare Off Media Professionals?

Paywalls seem to be straightforward: users pay to gain access to content. What could be simpler? The internet, however, with its ability to infinitely copy and immediately disseminate information, quickly makes whatever lurks behind paywalls worthless. The only paywalls that…

Accenture Study: Social Media Appearing on TV Cut Through to U.S. Consumers

Social media is showing signs of connecting with TV viewers. Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of U.S. consumers surveyed recall seeing social media symbols such as Facebook “Likes” while watching television, according to an Accenture ACN +2.60% study. What is even…

Netbooks Set To Overtake Laptops And PCs

Purchase rates for personal computers and mobile phones (not including smartphones) will decrease by 39 percent and 56 percent this year compared with last year, respectively, according to a new survey from Accenture.

By contrast, buying rates of 3DTVs (three-dimensional TVs) are expected to rise 500 percent; tablet computers 160 percent; ebook readers 133 percent; and smartphones 26 percent.

More Americans Accessing Internet And Social Media For Medical Advice

Americans looking for medical advice are visiting medical websites, social media sites, and online communities in greater numbers than the websites of pharmaceutical companies, according to a new survey from Accenture.

More than two-thirds (68%) of Americans go online for health information, and just 11 percent access a pharmaceutical company’s website to find information about a medical condition compared the the majority (92%) who access other online resources more frequently.