Taco Bell $1 Menu Tests New Items, Cravings Menu Inbound


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The "Why Pay More" value menu for Taco Bell could be seeing the exit soon, if the fast food company decides to take their "$1 Cravings Menu" beyond the testing stage and into Taco Bells across the country. The new menu is currently being tested in Kansas City and Sacramento, with the results potentially leading to a nationwide change.

The menu looks to cover most of the major Taco Bell food groups - burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and sweets. One distinct change to keep in mind is that the Cravings Menu would replace the tiered value menu that saw some items at $0.79, $0.89, and $1. Below is a promo image of the potential menu change.


Rob Poetsch, a spokesman for Taco Bell, said this of the impending change, "At Taco Bell, our value menu is our entire menu. So when consumers are looking for what they get for what they pay – whether it be Fresh Mex with our Cantina Bell Menu, signature beverages or snacks with our Happier Hour Menu, or a dollar menu with our $1 Cravings Menu – Taco Bell can’t be beat"