Tablet Shipments Overtaking PCs in Russia


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Yesterday, market research firm IDC predicted that tablet shipments will beat combined desktop PC and Notebook PC shipments this holiday season. The shift is one that is expected to continue with overall tablet shipments topping PC shipments for 2014. Today, IDC released its numbers for a key emerging market and even there the PC market's future is looking grim.

IDC's report on Russia's quarterly shipments shows that PC shipments in the country declined over 37% from the second quarter of 2012. Notebooks shipments in particular were poor, dropping 45.3% year-over-year to only 1.69 million units.

As expected, IDC analysts are at least partially blaming the rising tablet market for the decline of PC sales. Tablet shipments in Russia were up 156% during the second quarter of this year, rising to 1.95 million units.

"The second quarter continued to be impacted by large inventory volumes in the market, as most vendors, retailers, and distributors focused on stock reduction," said Natalia Vinogradova, research analyst at IDC Russia. "The increasing shift in demand for tablets and smartphones is also a key factor in the slowdown of the portable PC market, as well as continued economic pressures in the business sector,"

Russia is one of the key emerging markets (along with Brazil, India, and China) that industry analysts are looking toward for future growth in the mobile industry. Low- and Mid-priced smartphones and tablets are expected to make up the bulk of mobile devices sold in the country in the coming years.

"Android tablets will post a significant increase in market share in 2013, thanks to the increasing number of tablets using Android OS priced at $100 and less," said Vinogradova.