T-shirts And The Cultures They Represent [Infographic]


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What kind of T-shirt wearer are you? The douchey Ed Hardy wearing kind? maybe you wear a shirt that is 2 sizes too small? I personally fall into the free t-shirt and lifestyle t-shirt categories. Everyone has their own style of shirt that they wear be it a nerd or a jock or an activist.

The nice people over at fibers.com have put together a wonderful infographic to help us sort out this t-shirt madness. They carefully categorized the tshirts into 13 categories like Future and Graphic Tees. What category do you fall in?

Started by Founder Matt Brickley in 2007, Fibers.com is a t-shirt company that allows you to design custom t-shirts or shop over 10K t-shirt designs. The designs have been seen on CNN, and in the pages of the WSJ. Check them out here!