SXSW: Play iPad Games With Your Cat


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There are a host of multiplayer games for the iPad that has players going up against an opponent on the same screen. These games can get pretty competitive, but I bet they can't hold a candle to the most crafty opponent of them all - the common house cat.

Friskies was at SXSW to show off You vs. Cat which has a human competing against a cat in a sort of air hockey style game on the iPad. The latest game is just one in a long line of games on the iPad and Android tablets targeted at our feline friends. The difference in You vs. Cat is that this is the first game that has a human competing against the cat.

The previous games in the series: Party Mix-Up, Tasty Treasures Hunt and Cat Fishing, are solo affairs that have cats trying to bat away various on screen treats and fish. You can check out a video of these games below. They are all available for free alongside the newer games at the Games for Cats Web site.

You vs. Cat will be available later this week. Remind me to download it so I can challenge my housemates's cats to a few rounds. Their intellect outsmarts me every day as I try to keep them out of my room, but this way I can challenge them on an equal playing field - video games.

As an aside, if you were concerned over the durability of the iPad's screen, the Games for Cats Web site says that the iPad screen takes no damage from their cats' claws. You may want to clip your cats' claws as a precaution if they are really sharp though.

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