SXSW Hipsters Pretend to Know Bands So Obscure They Don't Even Exist

Josh WolfordLife

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If you ask the crowd at SXSW about some hot new bands like "DJ Heavy Flow" and "What the Fuck Bruce Jenner," they'll probably tell you that they not only know of their music, but are pretty into it too. In fact, What the Fuck Bruce Jenner is even on the same level as "Neil Patrick Harassment"–which is surely saying something.

The only problem here is that these bands don't exist (yet), and are simply the creations of big fat liar exposer Jimmy Kimmel and his awesome Lie Witness News segment.

Usually, Kimmel takes to Hollywood Blvd to prove why most people shouldn't breed–but this week he's been doing his show live from Austin, Texas at the SXSW festival so he figured that hipsters were an easy target.

At SXSW, there's apparently nothing worse than not knowing some obscure band. Hasn't anyone ever heard of the words "nope, never heard of them–I should check them out though!"

Josh Wolford
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