SWTOR: BioWare Highlights Upcoming Developments In Video


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Following up their emergency patching of the SWTOR client earlier today, BioWare also has taken the time to let us know what they have in development for the future.

They've released the video below, providing glimpses at features we can look forward to in the (hopefully) near future...

Here's a list of the key take-aways:

- Continuation of the 'Rise of the Rakghouls' story.

- On the PvP front, there's a new warzone and ranking system in development.

- They tease the legacy system, perhaps showing us what the legacy window will look like. I'm hoping that's what it will look like, because it's pretty slick. Considering Risha is randomly appearing in it, I have my doubts.

- Guild banks are in the works.

- UI customization is on the way. Thank you.