SUV Crashes Into DMV, 10-Year Old Ticketed

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On Monday in Parker, a suburb of Denver, Colorado, a mother parked outside of the Division of Motor Vehicles and went inside, leaving her two daughters, ages 10 and 12, in their family SUV.

A few minutes later, at approximately 2 p.m., the vehicle slowly came crashing through the office's front window. According to Yahoo news, though the mother had not left her GMC Envoy running, the 10-year old girl hopped in the driver's seat, started the car, and put it in gear.

Upon recognizing her own vehicle, the mother jumped into the driver's seat herself to stop it from causing any more damage. It only traveled 20 to 30 feet before it came to a halt in the waiting area. There were few people in the DMV and no one was injured.

“It scared everybody, they heard a large boom, then all of a sudden they saw an SUV in the front part of the waiting area,” DMV spokesperson Natriece Bryant told KDVR Denver.

“I was in the back, working and it was a little after noon, I think. I heard just glass. It wasn’t a big explosion, it was just glass falling. It almost sounded like several pictures all fell at the same time," said Wes Carpenter, who works next door. "Right there where it went through, basically there are rows of seating. It could have been a lot worse,”

In the state of Colorado, anyone who is 10 years or older can be charged with a crime; therefore, police decided to ticket the young girl for reckless driving. The mother, however, will not be charged since she turned off the ignition of the SUV before going inside the DMV office.

The girl later told the police that "the car just went." She will most likely face some community service.

“Maybe we’ll use this as a learning tool. I don’t think a judge wants to punish her too bad, but just make sure that she realizes what she did was wrong,” said Sgt. Andrew Coleman.

According to CBS News, the DMV office suffered no major structural damage and should reopen today.

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