Susan Sarandon Says Many In Hollywood Support Bernie Sanders, But Are "Afraid To Come Out"

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Susan Sarandon is tired of celebrities, who are Bernie Sanders supporters, not using the platforms they've been given to throw some love his way.

An avid advocate for Sanders, Susan Sarandon is hoping that some others will come out in support of the underdog candidate.

Susan Sarandon said, "You know, there's a lot of people I've talked to who are afraid."

Susan Sarandon says there are many a Bernie-backer who she knows will "say 'I am definitely supporting him, but I'm afraid to come out' because either 'I am woman and I don't want to get shamed' — because that has been a big part of what the response has been — or they say, 'I am just waiting to see what happens.'"

She continued, "I understand [celebrities] who say they are waiting because you put yourself out there for [interviews] like this. And people, especially if you're a woman, are making it very, very difficult."

The main reason Susan Sarandon wants Hollywood to stand up for Bernie Sanders has to do with Donald Trump's popularity.

Susan Sarandon, and a large chunk of American citizens on both sides of the party line, believes that Trump is the absolute wrong candidate to put in office.

In fact, Susan Sarandon calls the election process that we are now enduring a "circus" and blames the media. She also stressed the permanent nature of the decision.

She said, "The press is responsible for making Trump who he is. I don't know why. Things have just not stuck on him, and I blame a lot of the circus that was created by the press and not treated seriously for allowing him to get as far as he has. We're just not reporting in-depth, responsible, grown-up kind of journalism."

Lightweight losing candidate Mitt Romney asks about my tax returns. I have a store that is worth more than him.

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She added, "So it's taken people a while to educate themselves. For being such a powerful country, we need to be better informed and more responsible in how we go about choosing candidates. It's not a reality TV show. No one is going to be voted off this island once it happens."

What do you think about Susan Sarandon's comments on the silence of Hollywood on Bernie Sanders?

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