Susan Sarandon on Instant Fame, Social Media Feeding Frenzy and the Need for Legalized Marijuana

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Susan Sarandon has to be one of the most authentically outspoken actresses around.

In a recent in-depth interview with the Hollywood Reporter for the release of her new film, Florence, the Oscar-winning actress dished on insta-fame, the social media feeding frenzy and the need for legalized marijuana.

According to Sarandon, there are really two types of celebrities in Hollywood these days — those who legitimately work because of the craft of acting, and those who need the attention and fame.

"We're living in a world where mediocrity is rewarded," said the 67-year-old actress. "If that's not your focus, then you're looking for the heat, to be validated by people you don't necessarily respect or know, and so you've got yourself in a difficult, self-perpetuating, crazy ass feeding cycle. I've worked with a lot of young actors on the brink, and you can definitely see the difference between someone like Jake Gyllenhaal who is always interested in the work and do character parts, or Brad Pitt who could've gotten by just being pretty, who are really serious about trying different things. They like being an actor. It's not just being famous."

The Thelma and Louise actress explained that it's all about being famous now and seeking a worthy endeavor is no longer the goal.

"I think we help people become famous for ten minutes now — it's not even fifteen — so easily and constantly, that the goal has switched from finding something that you like to do to being famous," Sarandon told the Hollywood Reporter. "I think it's great that people are posting all kinds of things that they do, but some of them are just not really very worthy for that rush of all eyes on you."

Sarandon conceded that she too falls prey to the social media feeding frenzy.

"I even find myself, since my dog has a Twitter account, an obligation to post every now and then," she said. "It becomes like a whole other pet or something that you have to feed and be aware of! It's such an interesting time in terms of what media has done."

Sarandon concluded that it's because of the constant need be on social media that marijuana should be legalized and regulated as a means to disconnect from the need to be online.

"One of the reasons I'm such a champion of the legalization and regulation of marijuana is that I feel that people need to disconnect from constantly being on — checking all the time, all the time, all the time," Sarandon told the Hollywood Reporter. "Twitter and all these different outlets in themselves aren't bad, but it becomes very hard to be present, and that's what the goal has to be: to be authentic, kind and present, and if you could accomplish those three things, I think it's a life well-lived."

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