Susan Sarandon: Involved in a New Relationship?

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Is Susan Sarandon in a relationship with Jonathan Bricklin? The two appeared together in December during a meeting of New York's Hudson Union Society, as seen in the video clip above, and they are co-investors of a ping pong bar in New York City called SPiN. People have speculated for a while that more was going on between the two. Susan and Tim Robbins ended a 23 year relationship back in 2009. Apparently Sarandon wanted a much younger man this time around. She is 67 and Bricklin is just 36 years old.

During a recent interview with AARP magazine, Susan Sarandon talks about her previous relationships, raising her two daughters with Tim Robbins, her activism and her business ventures. Some of her activism work involves amnesty organizations.

Sarandon posted a photo of herself with Yoko Ono at one such recent event via Twitter.

When asked about the status of her relationship with Jonathan Bricklin she had the following to say.

"Jonathan and I collaborate on different things," she says. "That means a lot of things." When asked if that might mean romance, she says, "Yeah, I think so."

And although the age difference between her and Bricklin never arises she does talk some about aging.

"I'm getting that sagging thing," she says of the skin under her eyes. She claims she had the fat "suctioned" off several years before.. She doesn't like facial fillers — "they make everyone start to look alike" — and she says she hasn't had any Botox injections. So how has she managed to keep such beautiful looking skin? She avoided lying out in the sun, but "not because I was thinking of my skin, but it bored me to lie there baking."

If two people were ever to maintain a relationship with more than 30 years between them, at least Susan Sarandon looks the part of a much younger woman. And as to whether or not Jonathan Bricklin minds that sag underneath her eyes--she doesn't say. It would be the sag elsewhere that a man of 36 would likely complain about first.

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