Susan Sarandon Fails To Delay Death Penalty For Man Convicted Of Murder In Oklahoma

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Oklahoma governor, Mary Fallin, is not planning to delay the execution of a man convicted of murder despite claims by anti-death penalty advocates that the accused is innocent.

Actress Susan Sarandon and anti-death penalty advocate Sister Helen Prejean are making efforts to delay the execution of Richard Glossip. Now 52, Glossip is scheduled to die by way of lethal injection on Sept.16.

Glossip was the manager of a Budget Inn in Oklahoma City. In 1998, he was convicted of first degree murder for the killing of his boss Barry Van Treese at the motel.

According to prosecutors, Glossip paid Justin Sneed, a coworker, to kill Van Treese. Sneed admitted he beat the victim to death, but pointed out Glossip wanted Van Treese dead because he thought the two were going to be fired.

However, anti-death penalty advocates claim that Glossip is innocent and that there is not enough evidence to prove that Glossip was behind the murder.

Sarandon wants the governor to hear their plea to delay the execution so that Glossip’s camp can gather new evidence to prove his innocence.

The actress used social media to share her views about the execution. Sarandon in an interview with Sky News shared her observation, "Once a mistake is made in a judicial system, people just do not want to admit that a mistake has been made, so it becomes impossible case, after case, after case to readdress them."

"Both trials -- nobody saw the video of the confession where police are practically spoon feeding him [Sneed] what he should say?" Sarandon added.

However, Oklahoma governor is convinced that Glossip is guilty of the crime committed in 1997. Actress Susan Sarandon’s portrayal of anti-death penalty advocate Sister Helen Prejean in the film Dead Man Walking, won her an Academy award back in 1995.

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