Susan Sarandon Calls Bernie Sanders "Untainted," Calls Hillary Clinton a "Follower"

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Susan Sarandon is stumping for Bernie Sanders in Iowa this week, insisting he's the only choice for Americans. The actress and liberal activist has spent lots of time explaining how Hillary Clinton lost her support.

“The biggest foreign decision that had to be made in terms of foreign policy was whether or not to go into Iraq and go into war, and she failed that test,” she said of Clinton in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Hillary Clinton went on to be secretary of state, “but what has she done that we’re bragging about? How has she led?” Susan Sarandon asked.

Sarandon was a bit teary-eyed as she introduced Bernie Sanders to a crowd of more than 1000 people in Mason City, Iowa on Wednesday evening.

“I’ve come here because for me gender is not what’s important. Issues are what’s important,” she told the crowd. “I want a candidate who has the courage to stand and do the right thing when it was not popular."

“It’s one thing to be for gay rights and gay marriage once everybody else is for it. That’s not difficult,” Susan Sarandon added, referring to Hillary Clinton.

“If you want to know how people are going to react and where they really stand, you have to look at who’s giving them their money,” she said. “The fact that he has managed to consistently be on the right side of every issue the correct side of every issue that reflects my concerns, and he has done it without being connected to Wall Street, big pharm, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs."

“When you have the other candidate taking money from Goldman Sachs, speaking to Goldman Sachs, getting a lot of money from Monsanto, I think it’s really naive to believe that that’s not going to have some kind of influence over policy,” she said of Mrs. Clinton.

When asked to talk more about her gay rights comments, Susan Sarandon explained that yes, Hillary Clinton has come around to supporting gay rights, but she wasn't there in the beginning.

“She was not, and that’s a matter of record, and yes, she has come around,” she said, “but my point is, it’s great that she came around, but wouldn’t it be great to be a leader instead of a follower, especially if you’re going to hold the highest office in the land?”

Susan Sarandon shared with several media outlets how inspired she is when surrounding by Bernie Sanders' volunteers.

"I got emotional just being with them. It's really fun and they're very well informed ...They're a thinking people, they don't listen to the sound bites," she said.

Susan Sarandon announced her support of Bernie Sanders in a Facebook post in June.

We need a leader who is courageous and levelheaded in times of crisis: Bernie Sanders #Bernie2016

Posted by Susan Sarandon on Friday, June 5, 2015

She cites his October 2002 vote on the Senate floor, against the Iraq war, as one of the main reasons for backing him.

"I need somebody with judgment and not just experience," she says.

Do you see Susan Sarandon as a strong voice in gaining votes for Bernie Sanders? Might her comments turn voters away from Hillary Clinton?

Does the actress have that kind of pull in the political arena?

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