Susan Boyle Relieved by Asperger's Diagnosis

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Susan Boyle has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome--a form of autism--and she is greatly relieved to have this information. It was about a year ago the former Britain's Got Talent contestant learned of her official diagnosis. In addition, she was informed that she has a much higher-than-average I.Q., which is not unusual in people with the syndrome.

Boyle sought the help of a Scottish specialist because she questioned her lifelong learning disability. Told she had sustained a brain injury at birth, her childhood was wrought with teasing for her inability to learn as other children did. As an adult, she came to believe she didn't have brain damage, but rather something much different instead. Always socially awkward--one of the signs of Asperger's--Boyle recognized that something simply didn't add up.

Susan Boyle wowed an unsuspecting audience back in 2009 when she took the stage at Britain's Got Talent. Singing a flawless rendition of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables, she left the judges and the audience speechless. It's been a difficult adjustment going from lonely spinster to international singing sensation--mostly due to the uncomfortable social situations she endured, but Boyle has kept on singing.

These days Susan Boyle is working hard on living with Asperger's syndrome with the help of her doctor. She hopes that by sharing word of her diagnosis, that people might be a bit more understanding.

It didn't take long for Twitter fans to start talking about Susan Boyle's diagnosis.

Susan Boyle told the Observer that she hopes people will "treat her better" since learning of her diagnosis. How sad that she must endure taunting and other inconsiderate behaviors from people who are unfamiliar with syndromes like Asperger's. It's unfathomable that people are so often unkind to those who appear a bit different from the norm.

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