Suri Cruise Vacations In Miami With Katie


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Little Suri Cruise has had a fun Christmas break. Not only did she get to travel to travel to Miami, Florida for the holidays with her mother Katie Holmes, she even got to enjoy a movie, something many people take for granted.

When you have two famous parents like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, it can be hard to feel like a normal kid and doing the simple things in life like watching a movie in the theater with your mom can turn into a hassle instead of a joy.

Luckily for Katie and Suri, that wasn't the case this time and the mother and daughter got to enjoy The Secret Life of Walter Mitty together at Paragon Theaters in the Coconut Grove neighborhood. Other movie goers reported that Suri was on her best behavior during the movie and seemed to enjoy the time with her mother.

Often, the children of celebrities seem to grow up faster than others, but little Suri seems to be right on track. During her travels in Miami, she was overheard asking her mom if she could get her ears pierced. Katie's reply to her daughter was not overheard, but maybe Suri will get her wish in the near future.

Until then, the seven year old will have to continue wearing clip on earrings with her designer clothes and shoes while she lives a lavish lifestyle and attempts to have a normal childhood.

Do you think Suri is old enough to have her ears pierced?

Image via YouTube.