Suri Cruise Is Reunited With Lost Dog

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What could be worse for a child than losing her puppy, especially in a city as big as Los Angeles.

Recently, Suri’s mom, Katie Holmes, took Suri to the Studio City Sanctuary animal shelter, in Los Angeles, where Suri adopted a little dog name Honey.

She has only had her new pooch for about two weeks.

Unfortunately, Honey and Suri were separated and poor little Suri was looking everywhere for her lost pup.

Suri and Honey had been outside swimming together in their pool on Sunday when Katie and Suri had to leave in a hurry.

When they returned home they found the gate open and Honey gone. They believe that they forgot to put her collar on her and that she escaped a short time after they left the home.

Katie and Suri spent the whole week searching for Honey and even made flyers and distributed them all over the city. They were hoping that someone had seen Honey or would recognize her and return her to Suri.

They even offered a $1000 reward for her safe return.

Honey is a tan Chihuahua, who was named Maple while at the animal shelter. Suri and Katie call her Honey, she goes by either name or Maple Honey.

Luckily, Katie and Suri's hard work paid off and Suri was reunited with Honey on Friday.

The rescue agency, Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail, helped organize search parties to find the missing dog and posted on their Facebook page that Honey had been found safe.

“Maple/ Honey is safe and sound and in good spirits! Thank you to everyone for your concern and your help is greatly appreciated! Woo hoo!!!!" the Facebook post said.

Honey was micro chipped, so when she was taken to a rescue, it was easy for them to tell who she belonged to.

The identity of the person who found her was not available and it is not known if anyone claimed the reward.


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