Supplement Your American Idol Experience with Shazam


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American Idol will now be Shazam enabled for the rest of season. What does that mean? Shazam is a phone app that allows you to get more from the show while watching it in real time. Fans get immediate access to the song list on the show, with links to buy music for all the performers. You will get Twitter feeds from insiders and viewers and links to official social media channels, as well as video and photos from the show.

Next Wednesday at 8PM, Shazam goes live for American Idol audiences. The show will feature songs from the eighties, sung by the remaining contestants.


  • Set list - see the songs the performers will sing before hand
  • Music Downloads - Links to buy music from the finalists and the original artists
  • Video and Photographs - additional video and photos from the show as well as clips from past shows
  • Social Media - follow and share with people on Facebook and Twitter

Shazam will be enabled for the rest of the American Idol season, which ends on Wednesday, May 23 with its grande finale episode. The Shazam application is available on all smartphone platforms through iTunes App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

Shazam bills itself as a "media discovery company", helping people explore, discover, buy and share music, TV shows and other branded content. They have 200 million users and claim 1.5 million new users each week.