Superhero Film Alphabet Smashes Other Alphabets

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Not all superheros are Reed Richards, but I'm sure that most of them can at least spell right? The villains? I'm not so sure. Just in case they can't spell, a chart was made to help them learn the alphabet. SOme of the letters are easy, others are incredibly difficult.

A is for Amazing Spiderman, B is for Batman, C is for Captain America, D is for Daredevil, E is for Electra, F is for Fantastic Four, G is for Green Lantern, H is for Hellboy, I is for Iron Man, J is for ????, K is for Kickass, L is for League Of Extraordinary Gentleman, M is for Meteor Man, N is for ????, O is for ????, P is for Punisher, Q is for Quicksilver, R is for Robocop, S is for Superman, T is for TMNT, U is for Unbreakable, V is for Venom, W is for Wasp, X is for X-Men, Y is for ????, Z is for ?????. Can someone please help us figure these other ones out?

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