Sundresses and Pants By Lululemon: Worth the Cost?

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Sundresses and tank tops are just about ready to be in season for spring and summer, and yoga gear maker Lululemon has jumped on the bandwagon this year, according to Yahoo Finance.

The workout fashion giant has launched a new line of activewear for women on the go called, appropriately, &Go. The line features sundresses, tank tops, and summer pants that you can wear anywhere. You know, because you really shouldn't wear yoga pants everywhere. Really.

The new line boasts a wardrobe for women who are "out the door at daybreak and moving until midnight." So, they are talking about clothes they say you can wear from the gym to happy hour.

They say that, "You don't have time for a wardrobe that keeps forcing you to change." and, "You're busy living. We get it."

Well, some might say that they don't get it. Some might say that their clothes, made almost exclusively with cheap materials, are over-priced for what they are.

The line's shorts are going for $54, tops for $58, dresses for $198 and pants cost between $108 and $118.

However, on the flip side, there are many who are totally ok with paying $58 for a shirt. Perhaps for the brand name? Who knows. But, the company has done quite well so far with the new line, so they must be doing something right.

After all, six of the 12 items that were debuted on Tuesday sold out in a matter of hours! This kind of success is happening in the company during a somewhat turbulent time for them.

"In our opinion, it is the most progressive, fashion-forward line the company has brought to market in quite some time," Canaccord Genuity analyst Camilo Lyon said on Tuesday. "We believe the strong reception to &Go could turn investor sentiment positive after months of deserved pessimism given the company's underperformance and mis-execution."

What do you think? Quality items that are worth the cost? Or over-priced workout wear from a company that has convinced an entire nation of women that it's totally acceptable to pay top dollar for yoga gear?

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