Summer Sandals Trends Emerge As Weather Warms


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First rule of fashion: Do not wear socks with sandals.

Second rule of fashion: It's okay to wear socks with sandals if the Olsen twins are doing it.

In a fashion move that your grandfather would be proud of, fashion designers and trend setting connoisseurs Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were recently spotted wearing large leather sandals and white gym socks.

The look is coming just in time for spring, even if the Nor'easter that is currently setting up to crush the New England area says otherwise.

Whether or not Uncle Joey would be proud remains to be seen.

If you're not into the whole summer sandal and socks look, the internet is currently brimming with deals to get you ready for the warm seasons. MillionLooks has recently posted the top ten "most stunning sandals" for the Spring/Summer 2014 season. The chic shoes are all high-heeled stylish models that certainly wouldn't fit over gym socks.

If you're into a more granola look, Birkenstocks are still popular open-toed foot wear. You can get the same type of pair that you've loved since the good old days of following The Grateful Dead, however, the company has recently put out many different styles for the warm months to come. They even come in hightops and flats now.

Remember, socks are suddenly optional.

Image via Wikimedia