Suge Knight Pleads Not Guilty To Robbery Charge


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On Wednesday, November 5, Suge Knight pleaded not guilty to the robbery charges that were filed against him.

On October 29, an independent celebrity photographer filed the charges against the Death Row Records founder and his friend comedian Katt Williams for allegedly stealing her camera in Beverly Hills on September 5.

According to the district attorney's office spokeswoman Jane Robison, Knight appeared in the Los Angeles courtroom to enter his not guilty plea, and then was immediately taken into custody. His bail was set at $500,000.

Knight claimed that the photographer was taking pictures of his five-year-old son when he approached her and asked her to delete the footage. Rather than deleting the pictures, Knight said the photographer took off. He admits to chasing her, but said that he did not take her camera.

“I didn’t take her camera,” Knight said. “So, the fact that I didn’t take her camera—But I’m saying don’t say you’re gonna erase something and then take off running and think somebody’s not gonna chase you. So, they do chase you. Then they do get the camera back. You’re supposed to erase it. Now you wanna fight now. So, now it’s insult to injury. And then to top things off, you’re gonna be the victim? I don’t know how you’re gonna pull all three things off.”

Knight's attorney James Blatt says that he expects his client to be exonerated of the charges. Because of Knight's previous felony convictions of armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, he could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

Williams faces up to seven years in prison if convicted, and is scheduled to be arraigned in the case on December 24.