Subway Promises To Remove Chemical From Bread


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The only thing better than the smell of Subway's bread is the taste. If you are trying to get healthy and want a low calorie meal that will keep you full, Subway is the best bet in terms of fast food. You can choose from a variety of different breads, meats and toppings and Subway promises that their sandwich ingredients are always fresh.

What if there was something extra on your Subway sandwich? Something you couldn't see or taste but could actually make you sick? Would you still eat it? What if you found out this ingredient is a chemical used in yoga mats and shoe rubber? Well, if you have been eating Subway bread for the last few years, you have been consuming this chemical.

That will change soon, as Subway has promised to remove this chemical from their bread. So what prompted the sandwich chain to make the change after all these years? An online petition. Vani Hari, an activist who is good at finding out which restaurants are using unsafe chemicals in their food, started an online petition to have the chemical removed.

The petition was extremely successful and received over 60,000 signatures in just a short time. When Subway became aware of the petition, they announced they would be removing the chemical and claimed that they had planned to do so anyways.

"The complete conversion to have this product out of the bread will be done soon," Subway said in a statement, without giving any specific details.

According to Hari, the name of the chemical is azodicarbonamide and Subway uses it to bleach their bread. It is not used on Subway breads in Europe, Australia or other parts of the world. It is used in many other food products in the United States.

Do you still consider Subway healthy after learning that it has been using an unsafe chemical in bread?

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